18. alejandro - quit because he didn't want to sing anymore songs

17. heather - she lost her team award causing her to be emintatiatd

16. cody - he quit the game because harold told him to leave

15. sehara - her team forgot to get her so it was her fault for losing ans she kissed harold

16. ducnan - he jumped off his platform causing his team to lose and lost because he beatdown ezekeil

15. courtney - she lost a tie breaker to owen so chris took her out of the game

14. blanely - she leaves the game due to a injery

13. owen - he got last place in a chlangne an he was the only one left on his team ( I love owen )

( alejandro retruns to the game )

12. gwen - she thought that harold was a threat

11. tyler - he failed and didn'n vote for alehandgro

10 . noah - lost tie breaker to izzy

( wheel of loser's chose owen

9. dj - harold covenced 4 pelpoe to vote him off for being to popluar

8. - 7. izzy & lindsay - chris had enough of the tie breakers so they both got emiltatied

6 . alehandgero - he lost by one vote to 4 finalest

5. - 4. leshana & brigette - they both blew up the plane

3 . owen - lost tie breaker to harold

2. harold - threw zeke's sovennear in the vocanio

1. zeke winner of tdwt ( this time the dummys dont have pineapples so no volcano enrupion )

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