Characters 1st cast

25 : Eva - When she first arrived at the island I knew I would hate her and she was my 2nd least favorite. After what Zeke did on The Aftermath II I ranked Zeke higher and Eva was my new least favorite.

24 : Katie - She is annoying and bratty. If Katie would stay longer and be less annoying and bratty Katie would be higher.

23 : Justin - He is a pretty underrated person on the show. His antogalist act in TDA wasn't that great. The main reason I hate him is because He was again a bad antogalist and way worst than Alejandro and he was a great bad guy.

22 : Mildred- During TDWT she was really mean to Geoff and Bridgette in the aftermath. When she joined he show she was even meaner and when she got voted out she was as mean as ever. Mildred only pros are that she was nice in the reunion special and her blanefic song was great.

21 : Sadie - Just the same as Katie. annoying and bratty. And would be higher if they stayed longer on the show

20 : Geoff - In total drama island I loved him but when TDA aftermath began he was way meaner. He tried to hurt contestent and was treating brigette like a goof but he was nicer in TDWT aftermath. Lamer but nicer. Overall I don't mind Geoff but I like his relactionship

19 : Courtney - She was cool in TDI but when she debuted in TDA she was a real bad antogalist and got Owen outed. She got better in TDWT.

18 : Heather - Being the 1st bad guy of total drama she was he 3/5 antogalist . She got lots of people outed from the game. After all Heather did win TDWT in a epic way. Heather has hogged the screen out of and contestent on the show witah 66 episodes ahaid Owen with 62 episodes. So Heather the "queen bee" gets 18 place on the list.

17 : Izzy - Next is the insane Izzy. Now Izzy is he most insane person on the show to her injery fron the first episode, from her beastly skills in hide and be sneaky, and most of all her E-Scope act. Her relationship with Owen is pure win.

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