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    November 6, 2012 by Totaldrama456

    25 : Eva - When she first arrived at the island I knew I would hate her and she was my 2nd least favorite. After what Zeke did on The Aftermath II I ranked Zeke higher and Eva was my new least favorite.

    24 : Katie - She is annoying and bratty. If Katie would stay longer and be less annoying and bratty Katie would be higher.

    23 : Justin - He is a pretty underrated person on the show. His antogalist act in TDA wasn't that great. The main reason I hate him is because He was again a bad antogalist and way worst than Alejandro and he was a great bad guy.

    22 : Mildred- During TDWT she was really mean to Geoff and Bridgette in the aftermath. When she joined he show she was even meaner and when she got voted out she was as mean as ever. Mildred only …

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    18. alejandro - quit because he didn't want to sing anymore songs

    17. heather - she lost her team award causing her to be emintatiatd

    16. cody - he quit the game because harold told him to leave

    15. sehara - her team forgot to get her so it was her fault for losing ans she kissed harold

    16. ducnan - he jumped off his platform causing his team to lose and lost because he beatdown ezekeil

    15. courtney - she lost a tie breaker to owen so chris took her out of the game

    14. blanely - she leaves the game due to a injery

    13. owen - he got last place in a chlangne an he was the only one left on his team ( I love owen )

    ( alejandro retruns to the game )

    12. gwen - she thought that harold was a threat

    11. tyler - he failed and didn'n vote for alehandgro

    10 . n…

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