I think I'm going to do a fresh update. My rankings, blogs, and profile might be changed. It's time I REALLY get into this wiki. No one's probably gonna read this but why not? I like blogging and reviewing. Comments and feedback are just a plus. Here are the changes that I MIGHT be doing.

1. Signature

2. Profile

3. Rankings will now have pictures instead of words. (If anyone is interested why I like or hate this person/team/season/relationship/friendship/conflict etc., feel free to ask me.) It's much faster and quicker to do pictures instead of words.

4. Reviews will be more organized and hopefully more interesting. (Pictures also)

5. Blogs will be a bit random.

6. More color!

I love this wiki! I'm gonna be so sad when Total Drama ends. Even if 10 seasons is a bit much, I want this show to have a long and happy life.

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