Total Drama All-Stars - 3 - Saving Private Leechball



Sorry for not posting for a while. Some major stuff has happened since the last couple of episodes. I much as I would love to review them, episodes 3-7 have to be done. So without further ado, let's get on to reviewing episode three.

We first start the episode in the loser cabin. Some nice interaction between Alejandro, Duncan, and Scott. Like I said in past reviews, the cabin scenes are very helpful in development and interactions. Heather and Jo have yet another fight with Gwen trying to sleep. Did anyone notice that the girls cabin have pink blankets, curtains and a background? Chris must like girls more. Wonder if he has a girlfriend? We'll probably know someday. Jo sleeps with her sweatpants, sweater, and shoes on. Does she even wash her clothes? Heather's pajama top is still missing the bunny. We get to see the bedrooms of the hotel and Sierra is still crazy as ever. Where's Zoey? Probably sleeping with Mike. Cameron's bed is noticeably much smaller in length than Mike's. Did they make a bed size JUST for Cameron? Sam's bag has a animation in an animation face on it. Is anyone noticing the overwhelming pictures of Chris posing everywhere? It must be pretty hard to sleep with his pictures smiling at you. On Boney island, Sam has climbed a tree to avoid some bears. Sam knows how to climb a tree? Then again this is a cartoon. TMO breaks Sam's game console. Yeah. He's suppose to be evil and maybe a little mean. But if he's just going to be mean, this antagonist thing is going to go nowhere. Hopefully better than Justin though. I'm getting sleepy and restless, I'll post the rest some other time.

The reason why I'm posting an incomplete review, is because I want to get as much new material out there as possible. I've had a long hiatus and wish to give you new writing. Oh no! My battery's nearly dead. I need to charge my iPad. Bye.

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