Total Drama All Stars - 2. Evil Dread

Lightning Beach


We first start the episode in the loser's cabin. On the boys side, Mike magically switches to all four of his personalities at once. I thought he can control them now? When I say magically I mean it! There's no trigger anymore, just random appearances. I guess when he's sleeping then it doesn't matter, but it happened last episode too. I'm really liking the cabin scenes this season. Although not every scene is interesting. For example, we see Cameron and Sam sleeping. Since this is a cabin, I'll let it pass. A leech sucks out Sam's blood leaving him dizzy and useless for the rest of the episode. The full leech knocks into one of the girls's windows. Sierra makes Courtney mad by taking a picture of her sleeping. Her smartphone is really annoying. I'm disappointed, Sierra always only focuses on one thing the entire season. Apparently, Camp Wawanakwa has wifi like last season. I'm surprised Chris hasn't confiscated it yet. Chef literally booms breakfast in and the girls are covered in gruel. What about the main lodge? I miss it. I looked at the intro to see if it was still there and it is. So why not use it? I haven't seen the communal washrooms either. We finally get to see inside the hotel and it's even nicer than first class in TDWT. But then again, it was an airplane. Gwen and Scott are having sausages and pancakes as Scott seems to be really happy with the conditions. The team celebrates villainy as Lightning is fish hunting on Boney Island. Alejandro gets his eyebrows waxed and Chris calls the team over for challenge number two. It's a mix of TDWT's challenges, Ahhhhhhhh, Drumheller! and Can't Help Falling in Louvre. Lightning returns and indirectly claims he didn't find the staue. Lightning is starting to get on my nerves this episode. I won't be surprised if he's flushed. He's starting get a bit nicer though. When Gwen was scared, he got her shovel for her, only to be hit in the head by Heather. This challenge is really boring. Nothing interesting happens until Manitoba and Scott fight over a piece. Mike falls on his head and the injury unleashes "The Malevolent One" a.k.a. the evil personality. Interesting. Hopefully, this evil personality will add some drama to the Heroic Hamsters. With the "The Malevolent One" unleashed, Mike can't access his other personalities. This better be good. Alejandro starts to walk on his hands only to reveal he's faking it. Dude must have some really strong arms and balance. He's in that position for a REALLY long time. It makes Bridgette's monkey talent mediocre after comparing it to Alejandro. The teams are neck and neck desperately trying to find the final piece. Somehow, the heroes find it first after Lightning's miscounting and win the challenge. Sam volunteers for exile and is thrown immediately into the boat by Chef. It's almost as if Chris is prepared for this stuff and willing to bend to the rules as he goes. Oh wait, that's just typical Chris. Sorry. The villains have Jo and Lightning in the chopping block. As I predicted, Lightning takes the big flush and Chris ends the episode.

Sorry if this review was really boring. It's just this episode was not one of my favorites and the "Evil Dread" title was just for TMO. I honestly thought this episode would be the season's horror episode. Hopefully, next episode will be better. I'm also sorry these are up really late, I will try to get at least episode three through seven ASAP.

Main Factors

Challenges: Ahhhhhhhh, Drumheller! and Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Eliminated: Lightning

Exile: Sam

Winners: Heroic Hamsters

Losers: Villainous Vultures

Air-date: Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Main: Alejandro, Mike, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning

Average: Scott, Zoey, Duncan

Fillers: Sam, Sierra, Cameron

Best: Heather - Fighting with Jo and Alejandro.

Worst: Sam - Useless and boring

Evil Dread - 5/10 Boring challenge, boring characters. Only things that were interesting was TMO and Heather/Jo.

Lindsay rocks! 06:18, October 18, 2013 (UTC)

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