Total Drama All Stars -1. Heroes Vs. Villains



We start the episode with Chef visiting Chris in prison. He says it's been a year and how he betrayed him. I think anyone with a shred of sanity would do the same thing. Chef then gives him and envelope saying that the producers allow another season. I think that FOUR seasons of trying to torture/kill teenagers is plenty of entertainment, we don't need a FIFTH season. Speaking of that, the season's theme of heroes vs. villains is interesting, BUT putting all-stars into the mix is just another excuse to give us more screenhoggers. The theme song this season is just HORRIBLE. Heather and Sierra are fighting, Scott and Sam appear for two seconds, Cameron appears out of nowhere, and 9 out of 14 contestants in one scene is just lazy. I understand of this is an ending scene after all 14 have each gotten their own scene, but using over half of the contestants in one scene, period is messed up. The music is also terrible, it immediately skips to a shortened version of the chorus and that's it. Chris then introduces the lucky 13.(get it?) Most of them have pretty lame intros. (I like to write A LOT by the way).

Mike: Magically switches to all four of his personalities - Um no

Zoey: Uh! Mike! - At least she's the one doing the saving this time

Lightning: You call that a dive? Watch this! Sha- - Boring

Cameron: This is highly illogical! - Boring

Sam: Not cool! - Boring

Scott: Screams - Really boring

Jo: You're a dead man McLean! - Predictable but decent

Courtney: This is not in my contract! - Do all you do is whine and sue people?

Gwen: He wasn't her boyfriend at the time! - Stop denying it Gwen

Duncan: Bring it on! - Boring

Heather: I hate Chris! - Very predictable

Lindsay: I'm flying! Ahhh! - Funny, typical Lindsay

Sierra: For Cody! - Very predictable and getting old fast

Ezekiel: Monster noises - Just stop PLEASE

Of course Chris uses his robot to boom Ezekiel out of the game. ): The contestants dry off and Chris explains the theme of the season which leaves some campers over confident of their status. Chris then puts the campers on their team. Here's what I think.

Villainous Vultures

Heather: Perfect

Duncan: Anti-Hero

Lightning: Complicated

Jo: Complicated

Scott: Right

Gwen: Wrong in so many ways

Robot/Alejandro: Perfect

Heroic Hamsters

Mike: Yep

Zoey: Yep

Cameron: Okay

Sam: Okay

Courtney: Wrong in so many ways

Lindsay: Yep

Sierra: Complicated

Chris explains that this season for every challenge, two challenges from the past will be used. Wow, the writers may be lazier than I thought. Mike talks about something other than Zoey and the campers walk through the forest. I Like the forest scenes this season, it gives a chance for the characters to interact outside of challenges. Heather & Jo begin their conflict, Duncan & Courtney continue their conflict. Sam and Sierra start a friendship, and Lindsay & Courtney aren't fighting! Courtney seems have matured as she has a neutral interaction with Lindsay. The campers make it to the end of the forest and see the baby carriages from season three. Jo and Scott fight over who gets to be driver, until Jo tricks Lightning into believing she's a shopping cart champion. You see? This justs proves that Lightning has a brain the size of a bread crumb! Does Jo look like a person who shops? Now, the producers could mean shopping for groceries instead of clothes but either way, not likely. On the heroes side, the trio offer each other the spot before Courtney gets annoyed and forces Lindsay to do it. I love how this season justs shows how nice the trio is and how bossy and impatient Courtney can be. The campers make it to the cliff with Lightning first, followed by the lovebirds, the triangle plus Scott, the two former baldies, a robot, and the two slowpokes. Seriously? A robot beat Cameron and Sam? Just wow. Anyway, Courtney and Lightning dive first and they both get their keys no problem. Lindsay forgets how to push and Courtney gets irritated. She forgets how to push!!! Producers, I understand she's dumb but this is taking it too far!!!! In the forest, Jo forms an alliance with Lightning. I thought they hated each other? Anyway their key fails and they drive back. The heroes's key fails too. After a push and some Sierraness, she and Duncan dive with Sierra finding a Cody key. In the forest, Duncan forms a friendship with Jo and then the process starts over again. This time Mike accidentally knocks Gwen off after a kiss from Zoey. I think you know what happens next. Lindsay and Jo start getting tired after three rounds of pushing around the entire island. Heather and Sam dive. Nothing interesting happens. Cameron's awfully quiet this episode. Zoey dives and the Heroes have a head start. Scott and Lightning knock the robot off and Alejandro is "revealed." Apparently, spending two years in a robot suit could make you have to repeat puberty again. Not surprisingly, Alejandro has the right key and the villains unlock the spa hotel. This season the winners get to watch the elimination ceremonies. Chris asks for person to volunteer for exile on Boney Island to find the immunity idol. Lightning volunteers. In the end it comes down to Lindsay and Courtney. Guess what? MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IS GONE! :( LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She gets eliminated because she forgot how to push? Face palms. The new elimination system is called the Flush Of Shame A.K.A. a big toilet. Lindsay is flushed with marker on her face and the Hamsters are grossed out. Chris ends the episode with "Total Drama Alllllllll-Stars!"

Main Factors

Challenges: Broadway, Baby and Not So Happy Campers Part 1

Eliminated: Lindsay

Exile: Lightning

Winners: Villainous Vultures

Losers: Heroic Hamsters

Air-date: Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Main: Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro

Average: Heather, Jo, Scott, Mike, Zoey, Lindsay

Fillers: Cameron, Sam, Sierra, Lightning

Best: Jo - Funny, and made three new interactions: Heather, Duncan, and Gwen

Worst: Cameron - 2 lines

Heroes Vs. Villains - 7/10 Mostly because a third of the episode was leaked and the opening was shortened, so very quick and kind of boring.

--Lindsay rocks! 04:13, October 15, 2013 (UTC)

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