Well hi again. I thought I'd make another countdown blog even though no one commented on the last one. Anyways, I'll do the five seasons of TD this time. From the pathetic pile of crap that was All-Stars, the fandom bashing and/or praising of World Tour, the underrated comedy season that was Action. The childish demeanor that was Revenge, and the classic, overrated, heartwarming and a favorite to everyone, Island. Here is my rankings of the TD seasons.

Please Note: I will not be reviewing every single episode, THAT will take forever. Just the major episodes and their most important plots, anything I found interesting, or anything I think is necessary. With very quick summaries.


5. - All-Stars


Okay, now before I start, I just want to say this. This season SUCKED, BIG TIME. The only group this season could ever appeal to are little kids or in rare cases, adults. All-Stars had a lot of potential, you had three major themes. Heroes vs. Villains, Newbies vs. Veterans, and of course, All-Stars. However, with production barely being only a few months, the shortest group of writers ever (4), the same 13 episode count, and a TERRIBLE CAST, this season was doomed to fail before it even began. But, people had hope. Instead? We got the worst conclusion to Camp Wawanakwa, over half of the All-Stars (floating up into the sun in BALLOONS) missing, and yet again, a guy wins. Yes, this is for America, but still, the ratio is too large of a difference too not notice. I'll save the rest later on in this review so let's start. Keep in mind that I'll review the characters after the actual review.


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