Hi folks! It's Totaldrama100 here with another blog. This time I'll be doing my character countdown. Counting down my personal rankings of all 38 TD contestants! Including Chris, Chef, and Josh. So yeah, 41 characters will be tough, but hopefully I can get through.

41. Chris


Chris McLean - The Host With The Most

Yes, I hate this guy with a passion. For some reason, it completely irritates the crap out of me whenever he appears on the screen. I prefer Chef, Blaineley, Josh, Bridgette, Geoff, ANYONE over this guy. He is completely cruel and ruins perfectly solid moments. Like B's elimination, or when Bridgette and Geoff were talking. Spying on people and making their blood boil is not really nice. The nicest people on this show get irritated at him. You know what? I'll just end this. I give Chris the score of 0.5/10. Only the half point because I think Christian Ponteza is a fantastic voice actor.

40. Ezekiel

After The Finale - (06)

Ezekiel - The Home-schooled Reject

No offense to any Zeke fans out there, but I just cannot stand him. He was fine in TDA, become VERY annoying in later seasons and was turned into some kind of zombie feral monster thing. I do feel bad for this guy and prefer his human form, but I can't say anything good about him. I give Zeke the score of 0.8/10. Only because he was fairly decent in TDI, if he would have kept his mouth shut, he could have merged. This guy should really turn back into normal, seriously.

39. DJ


DJ - The Brickhouse with Heart and Soul

DJ is a really pointless character. He is honestly the most undeveloped and pointless character that merged in TDI. All he did was be friends with Geoff and Duncan, be a part of the Killer Bass clique, and love nature. That's it. He is just so, boring. Later seasons turned him into a mama's boy. It made him even more pointless. There was always some pointless plot surrounding him, they both lasted 9-11 episodes, and just caused destruction rather than giving depth to DJ. He should really get a girlfriend, it would help. I give DJ the score of 1/10. Because his interactions with the guys, Bridgette, Lindsay, Gwen, and Heather were enjoyable.

38. Scott

Fallen over

Scott - The Devious Troublemaker

He is just one of those characters that I can't stand no matter how much development he gets. He was a terrible antagonist in ROTI, he only succeeded because his team isn't intelligent enough to figure it out. He suddenly developed feelings for Courtney, okay. I'm not fond of that relationship and am NOT fond of Scott always lasting until the penultimate episode or it's predecessor every season.

35. Harold


Harold - The Dweeb

Why is such a popular character so low on this list? Well unlike other nerdy characters, I'm not particularly fond of Harold. He was pretty okay in TDI, and was great in TDA, although there was times were I wanted to throw a brick at him. All of that drained away in TDWT, Harold turned for the worse, he became SUPER annoying and nearly cost the cast their lives because he couldn't shut his mouth. Well, I used to like Harold, but now he's super annoying to me. I give Harold the score of 2/10. Because his first two seasons, more towards the latter, were tolerable.

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