Hey folks. I would like to talk about a season that doesn't get enough credit and is strongly disliked for some odd reason. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. I'll be talking about the characters and the roles they played. Now I know that this season has a countless list of flaws and how the males completely dominated, but I want to look at each contestant of the second generation and explore what little (if any) depth they have.

I would like to start with the obvious elimination fodders. Meaning Staci, B, and to some extent, Dawn.

Elimination Fodders


Ms. Chatter-Box

Staci was an obvious elimination fodder from the start. Practically all of her dialogue were tall-tales about her so called ancestors and they immediately sent her to the hurl of shame. There's not a whole lot to this character other than the fact that she was one of two people who went bald this season (and she's the more fortunate one). I'm not practically fond of Staci (due to her severe lack of screentime) nor do I dislike her. She's just a neutral character, As a returnee, I highly doubt she has any chance of returning onto a future season. Staci in general, was simply used as a cardboard cut-out character with the only intention of filling up a spot for the second generation and annoying her teammates. Such a shame, she could have been such a great antagonist with the lies she told.

More coming tomorrow!

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