Okay, so first off all, the title of this blog might leave you guys confused so I'll go over it, later on. So, the point of this blog is show how hate and love can be used a different way.

So, let's use Total Drama: All-Stars as an example. My favorite characters are Heather and Lindsay, so therefore, I barely pay any attention to them. I will still love them no matter what, but I don't pay too much attention to them. My least favorite character this season, Zoey. Now, this blog is not meant to trigger any Zoey bashing and I will not go over her faults, instead I will simply use her as an example. For Zoey, I found very irritating and annoying. Why? It's because I paid a lot of attention to herself, and her faults. Do you get what I mean? If you hate someone with a passion, and only continue to pay extra close detail, (more than you normally would) at their faults, your only going to hate them more. If you don't pay as much attention to them, you will likely not hate them, you might find them boring if it's a neutral character, or still love them if it's one of your favorites, but you will very likely not dislike them.

To hate someone intensely, you pay extra close attention to their faults, and not their positives (if they have any). I had experience with this method and tried it in real life. This teacher I had, I despised because of how rude she was, not strict, but just plain rude. I tried to ignore her as much as possible, and as time went on, my hate for went away, and I saw more of her positive traits. Meaning, if you only look at the negative of something, your brain is like brainwashed/forced into thinking that I hate this person. I understand if they have a direct impact on you and not a general impact like that teacher I had, but try to ignore it and focus more on their positives. Because like I said before, the more you pay attention to someone's negatives, the more you are just going to hate them.

This is not a blog addressing you to be all nice and happy to everyone you meet, it's simply saying to try something new. Explore more of the depth of that person and focus more on their positives. If they simply have no positives at all, then I would just try as hard as possible to ignore them or just look at them from a different angle. If this blog made no sense whatsoever, then I apologize. If you read this far, then thank you.

--TotalDrama100.............The World Will Be Watching You.............Remember Who The Real Enemy Is.................If I Burn, You Burn With Me........... 22:51, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

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