These blogs are everywhere so I'd thought why not? i haven't written a blog in a while anyways. Anyways, I'll divide these into generations so that the page isn't cluttered as I will write a lot. I have this in a rankings page but I never actually explained why I feel about them this way so a blog would work. I'll go very indepth so I guess it's more of an analysis. Enjoy the blog and leave your opinions in the comments!

  • 24-23 - Dislike.
  • 22-19 - Neutral.
  • 18-10 - Like.
  • 9-1 - Love.

24. Duncan

  • Place: 4th, 1st/2nd, 5th, 8th.
  • Overall Ranking: 50th.

I admit, when I initially watched the series I enjoyed Duncan. His first season was great and his second was good as well. But his character became a lot more jerk then needed therefore making me really dislike him. He treated Courtney like crap, Gwen like she was a toy to get Courtney's attention, and is just a bad person in general. His return in TDAS and especially his transfer to the Heroes team somewhat made me like him again. But overall, I just can't stand Duncan's character and he just annoys me.

He lasts way too long for comfort as well. In the first two seasons, Duncan overstayed his welcome by appearing in all FIFTY-FOUR CONSECUTIVE EPISODES. After he was eliminated in TDWT, I thought that we had enough of him and I was glad. Then he returned halfway and made it to the final five. His next season had him merge, again. At least he didn't last too long that season. With four merges, he's definitely a writer's pet and screenhogger.

  • Final Result: Upper First Tier.

23. Ezekiel

  • Place: 22nd, 18th.*
  • Overall Ranking: 46th.

Ezekiel to me is more of a burden then a pleasure. The only time I enjoyed him was in a fanfiction where he was actually written beautifully. In reality, the Zeke we got is a pathetic, desperate attention grabber. Sorry to all Ezekiel fans out there. Let's start with his journey pre-mutation. A sexist homeschooled kid that did not grab my attention at all. Glad he was eliminated first. He became a hip-hop kid in TDA and I did not care. Then came his most prominent season, World Tour. Desperate for attention, he stowed away on the plane for the whole season despite being kicked out like what? Nine times? Eventually the writers threw us a twist that would make us all despise, Feral Zeke. The creature that tormented with us since 2010 and is still going strong. Thank whoever made the decision to not put him in Pahkitew Island because Feral Zeke is freaking awful by all standards. Unless he is returned back to his original state (which I doubt it), he will forever remain at second to last. I only like Ezekiel in fanfictions and nothing else.

Look at his placings, last in both seasons. A merge is definitely needed for him to successfully redeem his character. I would suggest 5/4th place. Overall, an underdog.

  • Final Result: Lower Sixth Tier.

22. DJ

Chef is soft
  • Place: 8th, 11th, 12th.
  • Overall Ranking: 44th.

DJ isn't necessarily a bad character, he just doesn't appeal to me. For sure I liked him in TDI. He was somewhat boring, but I got the impression that he was a guy that everyone could count on and love. Being buds with Geoff and Duncan was also nice. They decided to give him a real plot in TDA where he was Chef's apprentice. He became more of a teddy bear starting in this season and I remember him more of a teddy bear then his TDI self but I didn't mind. The one thing I did mind was his ridiculous TDWT curse. Team Victory is in the middle of my rankings but they're a great team made up of great competitors. Ezekiel and Bridgette could have made it far. DJ be more like himself, Leshawna and Harold patch up, and Lindsay being herself. But instead, his curse plot obliterated his entire team within a solid eleven episodes. The Aftermath guests in the first two were all Victory members. DJ annoyed me somewhat but he is overall a solid character. Why he is this low? Because I love the first generation cast and the only ones I truly dislike are Duncan and Ezekiel.

Decent rankings, nothing too far or too early. I can't complain as he has in my opinion, perfect ranks for his character. DJ is neither a screenhogger or an underdog. He's capable of All-Star status as he falls in the top ten. To me, he's a lower second-tier contestant.

  • Final Result: Second Tier.

21. Owen

IMG 0541
  • Place: 1st/2nd, 3rd, 8th.
  • Overall Ranking: 43rd.

Oh Owen, TDI's Icon and one of the show's most iconic characters. He started out very charming IMO. While gross, he was very likable and friendly (in a not stale way) and I enjoyed him. Didn't think he needed to make to the finale but whatever works. Action showed a different side of Owen and a much more gross side. Heck, the first challenge revolved around his eating habits. Annoying through all of his thirteen episodes and not memorable, glad he was gone. But felt a little bad because of Courtney's ways. Then he (like Duncan) returned. But at episode 21. WHO RETURNS AT EPISODE 21 AND AT THE FINAL FIVE? He took away Lindsay and Harold's fifth and fourth places respectively and was a producer mole. This is very out of character for Owen. He got better in TDWT with his friendship with Noah. Watching Alejandro manipulate him was enjoying and hilarious to watch. But yet again, he lasted too long. Wish they could have done something more with him and Blaineley though. As the latter needed development. His future cameos were charming and not overkill although his TDAS cameo was gross and resulted in that balloon incident. Owen is a charming character when used well, and an annoying character when molded into a shape that is not Owen's character.

Those rankings scream writer's pet. He is the show's icon (at least in the first season) so I'm not surprised. But less would be appreciated by pretty much every fan. If he were to compete again, he would be the perfect first out.

  • Final Result: First Tier.

20. Katie

  • Place: 19th.
  • Overall Ranking: 33rd.

Excuse the picture, no solo confessional of Katie was ever made. Anyways, I prefer Katie over Sadie for various reasons. One, Sadie seems a lot more friendly then Katie. Two, the fanfictions of these two make me enjoy Sadie over her. And three, Sadie is just more enjoyable to watch IMO. Now these aren't very valid reasons but I really dislike the reasons Katie fans put when saying why they like her better. Such as "Sadie's fat." Or "Sadie's ugly." Now, I am NOT generalizing Katie fans as obviously not everyone is like that. But some are. It is shown that Katie is more confident and athletic then her best friend but that's really it. I don't have a lot of criteria as she's not a very important character. I like her because she can be funny at times.

The longest to compete on this show and one of three (in the first generation) to only compete in one season. Very underdog qualities. Probably the least most important character in her character, and that includes Blaineley. About as low as you can get on the sixth tier.

  • Final Result: Lower Sixth Tier.

19. Eva

Eva Confessional
  • Place: 12th.
  • Overall Ranking: 32nd.

The second least most important character in the first generation and one of three to only compete in one season. Eva's character is revolved around her obvious anger issues. Sometimes, they're funny. Other times, they come off as forced and stale. Her role in Island was very forgettable that I remember nothing about it besides that she tormented Bridgette. In the Aftermaths, her interviewing people were very funny and that made me like her. Overall, not a bad character. Just very one-note.

Her place isn't bad, but keep in mind she had to skip over ten people to get that rank. She needs to merge fairly if she competes again. Sixth place would be good for her.

  • Final Result: Sixth Tier.

18. Cody

Cody hawaii
  • Place: 17th, 3rd.
  • Overall Ranking: 31st.

Cody was the one underdog that completely changed his status in World Tour. Too bad he was carried over the entire season by his stalker fan. This character is one that I enjoy yet am able to easily pinpoint his flaws. Let's start with the most obvious one, Sierra. Sierra was the one who carried him over 26 episodes to the finale and in he did nothing. He was given the luxury of being on Team Amazon, AKA a one way trip to the merge. Cody is not a skilled character and simply had lots of luck in his most prominent season. In TDI he was the annoying little brother that hit on Gwen. Not totally annoying, but I would prefer that he use his knowledge/skills such as in Up The Creek, then being babied a whole season. Some good points about his character, it allowed Heather to be nicer especially in regard to Alejandro and he's really the only friend she's got. I would like too see Cody try more on challenges. Because trust me, he could be swapped with anyone else for Team Amazon and his position would dramatically change. And he's a little disturbing to the point where he comes off as perverted.

There's a drastic difference in his two rankings but altogether he's a pretty average contestant. I don't think he needs to compete again, but if he does, somewhere around the middle.

  • Final Result: Upper Third Tier.

17. Noah

Newfoundland noah first confessional
  • Place: 21st, 11th.
  • Overall Ranking: 30th.

"GASP" HUH? Noah at 17th? Did I read that right? Yes you did. Why is such a loved character so low? Easy, because his pessimistic attitude becomes somewhat of a problem to me that I no longer laugh at his one-liners. His character while funny, shouldn't revolve around him being only pessimistic. Give him a backstory that explains why he is like this and he'll enter my top ten for sure. Team E-Scope is totally epic though and his friendships with Eva and Izzy should be continued. Noah is a fun character and he improved greatly in World Tour not being totally lazy and having some care for others. Just develop him more and you've got a golden character.

He was an underdog in TDI and barely made it to the halfway mark in TDWT. I wish he and Tyler would have made it farther but they were tossed out for that triangle crap. I'm not sure what tier to put him though. Eh, I'll just give him the whole fifth tier.

  • Final Result: Entire Fifth Tier.

16. Sadie

  • Place: 15th.
  • Overall Ranking: 29th.

Again, apologizes for no solo confessional. Usually, I see her at the bottom of people's rankings or have Katie over her. Which is fine, but Sadie has so much hidden potential as an antagonist that I can't ignore her. I'll explain. Her whole character revolves around being a Katie clone. Even her personality! The writers can mold her into one. Sick of being overshadowed by Katie and out to plot revenge. While somewhat out of character, it could work...somewhat. Let's talk about her time on the show. As much as I like her, I admit the writers gave her no character. She went three consecutive episodes with no dialogue when that could have been used to develop her character. Katie and her make good comic relief but they don't have individual characters. I like Sadie more however because she was more memorable in the aftermaths and can be very funny at times. To the writers, give this girl a change. She lasted nearly half of a season and did close to nothing.

Like Katie and Eva, she only competed in one season. If anything, she needs to go beyond the merge and stay there for a long time. 3rd/4th place would be perfect for her. Sadie has lots of potential so don't forget about her! :)

  • Final Result: Upper Sixth Tier.

15. Trent

Trent confessional makeup
  • Place: 11th, 13th.
  • Overall Ranking: 28th.

Trent is one nice young man. He is probably the most casual person on the show and is naturally friendly with everyone unlike DJ or Owen. I took a liking to him immediately when he stepped off the boat and knew that he would be one of my favorites. Him and Gwen were so sweet and adorable but now they're just a piece of nostalgic sweetness. Some say he's bland, and I won't deny that he can come off as boring sometimes. I would like to know more about his motorcycle backstory. His TDI elimination was one of my favorite episodes and showed how devious Heather is. He could have been written better in TDA though. The writers made him too clingy and he trusted Gwen a little too much. His number nine obsession came out of nowhere although I appreciate how they at least explained it in the first aftermath. My favorite number is nine and I'm obsessed with as well but not to Trent's extent. He was completely irrelevant in World Tour other then being a member of the Drama Brothers. While I'm not sure if I would like to see Trent again, he will remain as a nostalgic memory.

He went from merger to early outer. Poor guy, I would like to see him go really far in a season however as he never went that far.

  • Final Result: Lower Fourth Tier.

14. Justin

  • Place: 20th, 7th.
  • Overall Ranking: 27th.

From a silent contestant to next season's antagonist. Who would have knew? Justin started off silent and there's really nothing to write about him in TDI besides that fact that he's supposed to be handsome. TDA was where he shined IMO. While he didn't benefit from the season, his character definitely did a 360. From an antagonist point of view, Justin is a terrible one. Not only having the earliest elimination of any antagonist (including Scarlett), but he just seemed like a narcissistic joke. But from that view, he is a hilarious character. It's so hilariously pathetic how he acts that I just can't help but like him. Would have liked more on the antagonist side of him as it seemed really random.

TDA did a good job at giving Justin more screentime so plus for that. But overall, he doesn't have a lot to offer. If he were to compete again, I really wouldn't mind as Justin is pretty forgettable at this point.

  • Final Result: Upper Fourth Tier.

13. Izzy

So Over that Monster
  • Place: 7th, 10th, 13th.
  • Overall Ranking: 24th.

Izzy is easily the most random character on this show. She's been on five teams, involved in two team switches, has returned twice, has had a whole set of her 'personalities', and two cameos in a spider costume. She is very funny with her insane randomness but I enjoyed her best in Island. I can't really analyze her role in each season as they're all quite similar. TDA was her most annoying though because of her countless personas (hope that didn't come off as offensive). I will say that the reason due to Izzy's randomness is to prevent her from becoming bland as her personality can become bland easy with repetitive use. She was the most forgettable in World Tour and felt more like a gag. Izzy never manages to make it insanely far fairly and usually crashes and burns slightly before the halfway mark. A fun character, although I would like depth. But that's a little too much as Izzy's character is basically a crazy madwoman.

She's all over the place with her rankings but she never is eliminated too early. I would not like to see her again in a future season although her cameos are epic.

  • Final Result: Lower Third Tier.

12. Sierra

  • Place: 4th, 9th.
  • Overall Ranking: 17th.

Sierra along with Alejandro were the newcomers of World Tour and I enjoyed them tremendously. I'll talk about the former. Sierra is an extremely creepy and disturbing but I like that aspect of her character. One thing I wish they would have done was make her more of a Total Drama superfan that knows everything about everyone thus resulting in a surprise antagonist. Rather then an obsessed Cody superfan. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable seeing her throughout the third season and it was nice to see that she finally accepts Cody as a friend by the end. But by All-Stars, she goes back to her crazy ways and even has hallucinations about him.

She is a good competitor with high rankings. Deserves her All-Star status. I could see Sierra as a behind the scenes kind of girl, but not as a contestant.

  • Final Result: Lower Second Tier.

ANSWER: Harold! Thanks to everyone that voted and good job to those that got them correct.

11. Harold

  • Place: 13th, 5th, 17th.
  • Overall Ranking: 16th.

Harold was definitely one of the better written characters in the second season along with Lindsay and Beth. That's not because they all made it far, they all developed into their own characters. He started out being bullied by Duncan and really everyone else on that team but he showed hidden skills which I liked. That cheating though, a little too far for his character. Now let's talk about his peak. Total Drama Action did a wonderful job crafting and polishing Harold in all the right places. He learned to stick up for himself several times, at points Duncan was even scared of him. Learned to neglect Beth's 'romance' of him, and overall just provided great comedy relief. Now for Leshawna. Their relationship isn't the most stable because they really just seem like friends. But it was good for while it lasted. I'm not even gonna talk about his performance in the third season.

Harold has a great set of skills (regardless of how exaggerated he makes them seem) and proves that he can last long in the competition. Despite his early blow out in TDWT, he still manages to land a spot in one of the upper tiers.

  • Final Result: Second Tier.

10. Tyler

  • Place: 18th, 10th.
  • Overall Ranking: 15th.

Tyler had confessionals, I just can't find high quality ones. Anyways, Tyler is really one of very few people that actually BENEFITED from TDWT's executive meddling. Too bad he (and Noah) was tossed away for the triangle. That season made me and several others absolutely adore this guy. I recently rewatched TDWT and his presence was a pleasure. Not much to write about him in TDI other then being the first official couple with Lindsay. He's quite dumb although more backstory is given to him later on. He was ridiculous funny being miscalled such random names. One thing I wanted too see more is the Alejandro and Tyler alliance. It should have started from the beginning and possibly be like Heather and Lindsay. Alejandro~Heather. Tyler~Lindsay, get it?

Okay, I admit, he's not the best competitor even when he's supposed to be a jock. His clumsiness makes it hard for him in challenges. I would like to see a deeper perspective in his and Lindsay's relationship.

  • Final Result: Lower Fourth Tier.

9. Geoff

TDA027 342 T1
  • Place: 6th, 15/14th.
  • Overall Ranking: 13th.

We are now getting into characters that I love. And yes, I love Geoff and Bridgette. He comes off as friendly and casual, but there's a certain spark that he has that Trent doesn't. He's more exciting and personality is quite surprising for me like considering I assumed he would be loud. What makes me like him so much? He and Bridgette give off the aroma of being the series' most natural couple and could actually work in real life. Their trust and dedication in the first season was great along with Geoff's friendships with Duncan and DJ. He like most people, suffered some negative change in his personality when TDA rolled around. One, being obsessed with Bridgette's lips to the point where they had a confessional of them sucking face. And two, what caused Geoff to go into Hollywood mode? There's really no explanation and it just seems off. Luckily that is reversed in the third Aftermath and he goes back to his normal state. His conflict with Blaineley is humorous so props for that.

He's more of an Aftermath host than a competitor and that really shows. Geoff made it insanely far in TDI and was voted off for really being nice? He would have won if he had tried. Would I like to see more of the blonde? Yes, but his story arc is somewhat finished.

  • Final Result: Fourth Tier.

8. Bridgette

Bridgette Cries
  • Place: 10th, 15/14th, 16th.
  • Overall Ranking: 12th.

Almost the same as Geoff, but there's a reason why I like Bridgette more. Her character never drastically changed and a part of her still remained in every season, even when she was a total hypocrite in TDWT with Alejandro. She remained her surfer loving self and I love her personality. I personally don't think she's bland and find it adorable that she's always so clumsy. Her friendships with Courtney, Gwen, Leshawna and DJ were also great. As an Aftermath host, I admit Geoff was the more entertaining one but she showed compassion and it looked like she really cared for the guests. Overall a very nice character.

Same thing with Geoff, they even have the same amount of participation in terms of episodes. She has the ability of making it far, if she's on the right team, with the right people. Bridgette was apart of the Killer Bass clique consisting of her, her boyfriend, her close friend, her boyfriend, and DJ. She nearly cost the team two challenges but was spared because of someone else or because of her status on the team.

  • Final Result: Fourth Tier.

7. Alejandro

  • Place: 1st/2nd, 6th.
  • Overall Ranking: 11th.

I admit, I did not think highly of Alejandro after watching TDAS. He seemed like a Justin 2.0 but with actual skills. That is, before I rewatched TDWT. He and Heather carried the season and his performance was MUCH better here. The writers had a plan for Justin, but they instead turned him into a narcissistic joke. Alejandro was what they wanted to achieve in Justin I believe. He was a sick antagonist and eliminated (directly or not) nearly everyone in his grasp. His relationship with Heather was built up nice and easy. One thing that I do not enjoy about his character is the fact that he's basically a walking encyclopedia. He knows everything about everything and manages to god-play way more then necessary, At least it's explained though. He was not himself in TDAS (but in his defense, was anyone themselves besides Jo or Lightning?) but was still one of the superior characters in the season. Also please not, he is the highest ranking male in the first generation and second highest overall only behind to Brick.

He's a great competitor with good marks. However I personally believe the only reason he made it that far in TDAS was to give Alex House more of a job? Because he wasn't the original voice actor and it'd be a pain for the replacement to have his character kicked out by the fourth episode. Alejandro is someone while I would like to see again, he's not really the same without Marco providing his voice. Sorry Alex, you seem like a nice guy though.

  • Final Result: Lower Second Tier.

6. Leshawna

Leshawna think Owen has cool guts
  • Place: 5th, 8th, 15th.
  • Overall Ranking: 10th.

I personally think she has way too many haters these days. She's a golden character IMO. First, her personality is just awesome. A girl who's tough and doesn't care what the heck people say about her. Some people might find it racist how she addresses people, but I never really thought about it much. Her interactions are arguably the best of the series, Gwen, Heather, so much more epic ones. She's a good girl that has been slightly derailed in the third season. I like the truce that she and Heather made in TDA although I'd much prefer their conflict. Her and Harold, while not one of my favorite couples, it's sweet that she cares for him and doesn't neglect him. As for TDWT, she became a lot more vicious. To Lindsay, Harold, DJ, etc. And her slapping Heather after their truce didn't make a whole lot of sense. Overall, Leshawna is a great character with good morals (at least in the first season). She has haters, but haters gonna hate. I will remain a loyal Leshawna fan 'til the end.

She has done worse every season but none of her marks are incredibly bad. Leshawna is a strong competitor and it shows in TDI. Definitely an All-Star, why didn't she cameo? She actually has a higher participation ranking then Courtney (before All-Stars).

  • Final Result: Upper Second Tier.

I will finish the last quarter later in the day. Clue for #5: She has been on the dominant team (Gophers, Gaffers, Amazons, Vultures) only once.

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