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    These blogs are everywhere so I'd thought why not? i haven't written a blog in a while anyways. Anyways, I'll divide these into generations so that the page isn't cluttered as I will write a lot. I have this in a rankings page but I never actually explained why I feel about them this way so a blog would work. I'll go very indepth so I guess it's more of an analysis. Enjoy the blog and leave your opinions in the comments!

    • 24-23 - Dislike.
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    • 18-10 - Like.
    • 9-1 - Love.

    • Place: 4th, 1st/2nd, 5th, 8th.
    • Overall Ranking: 50th.

    I admit, when I initially watched the series I enjoyed Duncan. His first season was great and his second was good as well. But his character became a lot more jerk then needed therefore making me really dislike him. He …

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    March 20, 2014 by Totaldrama100

    Hey folks. I would like to talk about a season that doesn't get enough credit and is strongly disliked for some odd reason. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. I'll be talking about the characters and the roles they played. Now I know that this season has a countless list of flaws and how the males completely dominated, but I want to look at each contestant of the second generation and explore what little (if any) depth they have.

    I would like to start with the obvious elimination fodders. Meaning Staci, B, and to some extent, Dawn.

    Staci was an obvious elimination fodder from the start. Practically all of her dialogue were tall-tales about her so called ancestors and they immediately sent her to the hurl of shame. There's not a whole lot to…

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    Well hi again. I thought I'd make another countdown blog even though no one commented on the last one. Anyways, I'll do the five seasons of TD this time. From the pathetic pile of crap that was All-Stars, the fandom bashing and/or praising of World Tour, the underrated comedy season that was Action. The childish demeanor that was Revenge, and the classic, overrated, heartwarming and a favorite to everyone, Island. Here is my rankings of the TD seasons.

    Please Note: I will not be reviewing every single episode, THAT will take forever. Just the major episodes and their most important plots, anything I found interesting, or anything I think is necessary. With very quick summaries.

    Okay, now before I start, I just want to say this. This season SU…

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    Hi folks! It's Totaldrama100 here with another blog. This time I'll be doing my character countdown. Counting down my personal rankings of all 38 TD contestants! Including Chris, Chef, and Josh. So yeah, 41 characters will be tough, but hopefully I can get through.

    Yes, I hate this guy with a passion. For some reason, it completely irritates the crap out of me whenever he appears on the screen. I prefer Chef, Blaineley, Josh, Bridgette, Geoff, ANYONE over this guy. He is completely cruel and ruins perfectly solid moments. Like B's elimination, or when Bridgette and Geoff were talking. Spying on people and making their blood boil is not really nice. The nicest people on this show get irritated at him. You know what? I'll just end this. I give…

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    Okay, so first off all, the title of this blog might leave you guys confused so I'll go over it, later on. So, the point of this blog is show how hate and love can be used a different way.

    So, let's use Total Drama: All-Stars as an example. My favorite characters are Heather and Lindsay, so therefore, I barely pay any attention to them. I will still love them no matter what, but I don't pay too much attention to them. My least favorite character this season, Zoey. Now, this blog is not meant to trigger any Zoey bashing and I will not go over her faults, instead I will simply use her as an example. For Zoey, I found very irritating and annoying. Why? It's because I paid a lot of attention to herself, and her faults. Do you get what I mean? If…

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