Welcome back to Wiki Wars.

Last week, we pitted Total Drama veterans and longtime arch-rivals Courtney and Gwen against each other, and told you guys to vote for the winner. Last week's battle holds the record for most amount of comments on a Wiki Wars blog, narrowly beating out our Week of July 14 post, pitting Gwen's relationship with Duncan against Gwen's relationship with Trent.

We've noticed that you guys really seem to like Gwen, which must be why she was the winner of last week's battle. But this week, we're focusing on two Total Drama contestants that didn't make it into All-Stars. They're loud, sassy, and they love their big hoops: it's Anne Maria versus Leshawna! Both of these teen queens ranked eighth in a season of the show and are generally all up in everyone's faces.

Angry diva or furious sister? Self-obsessed or loudmouthed? You decide!

  • Do not vote more than once per blog.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Use the {{Vote1}}, {{Vote2}}, or {{Vote3}} template to cast a vote.

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