Welcome back to Wiki Wars.

Last week, we pitted scary, night-themed non-eliminations Finders Creepers and Moon Madness against each other and told you guys to vote for the winner. Ultimately, Finders Creepers won over Moon Madness, proving to be scarier and funnier than its All-Stars successor.

Since a Total Drama: Revenge of the Island episode won the battle, we've decided that, this week, the battle should be between two campers that made it to the Revenge of the Island finals... even though Cameron versus Lightning would be awesome, we're thinking Lightning versus Zoey would be better! These two are polar opposites but somehow both managed to make it to the final three of season four. What do you think?

Athletic jock or sweetheart? Deluded jerk or personality-less damsel? You decide!

  • Do not vote more than once per blog.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Use the {{Vote1}}, {{Vote2}}, or {{Vote3}} template to cast a vote.

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