Welcome back to Wiki Wars.

We're back from our winter break, along with our sister activity, Caption Crunch. Earlier today, Caption Crunch posted its first blog of the year; make sure to check it out and leave a caption, but not before voting in this week's awesome battle between Heather, Heather, and Heather!

Our last battle between Mike and Zoey was so unanimous (with a majority of votes going to Mike, the United States winner of Total Drama All-Stars) that TDIFan13, the creator of Wiki Wars, decided to add a major twist to all future battles. Instead of a fight between two, from now on, we'll be voting in brawls between three characters, episodes, items, or anything else Total Drama or wiki-related!

This week, it's all about which Heather you loved best! Was it the conniving queen of mean in Total Drama Island, the devious bald diva in Total Drama Action, or Total Drama World Tour's ruthless butt-kicking protagonist? Which one will you choose?

What will the outcome be of this Wiki Wars battle? You decide.

  • Do not vote more than once per blog.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Use the {{Vote1}}, {{Vote2}}, or {{Vote3}} template to cast a vote.