Welcome back to Wiki Wars.

Last week, we pitted the sad, Jamaican love song focusing on Izzy, Oh My Izzy, against the upbeat Swedish dance track all about Gwen, We Built Gwen's Face, and told you guys to vote for the winner. We counted up the votes and danced our hearts out when we noticed that We Built Gwen's Face was your elected favorite.

This week, Caption Crunch has returned from its summer break, and in a shocking twist, we're pitting it against... Wiki Wars! Both these activities are solely run by TDIFan13, and he wants to know which activity you love most. Which one will you choose?

There or here? Orange or purple? You decide.

  • Do not vote more than once per blog.
  • Follow the wiki's guidelines when posting a comment.
  • Use the {{Vote1}}, {{Vote2}}, or {{Vote3}} template to cast a vote.

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