First off, I just want to let you know that I probably will be making a new blog post every monday or sunday (sometimes there will be two weeks in between them because there isn't enough stuff to talk about) unless I get really excited about something (idea, issue, etc.) and am afraid I will pop with happiness like an overstuffed pinata if I don't throw it out there real quick. I will do episode reviews, character reviews, ideas, predictions, things I would like to see, scholarly articles and other things that pop into my brain as a subject of this splatter that I call an online journal.

Anyway, lets get into it.

I am a gamer. Not Sam level but I like playing them. And I'm not a Call of Shooty or Twattlefield player that has absolutely no idea of what quality is. No, I like the Mass Effects and the Bioshock Infinites and the Far Cry's and the Spec Ops: The Line's, stuff thats fun to play with a story that engages me. Anyway I was reading a book about video game writing (it's a little hobby of mine) and I thought, what if there was a TD game and what would it need for it to be good?

Now I did play some games that were based off of TV shows like spongebob and Nicktoons, I guess I was very easy to impress when I was 18. But now that I have experienced quality games, I thought "What should a TD game have to make it as good as those other games?" So here are some possibilities for a TD game.

So like a baseball player during intercourse I've decided to come out swinging and give you the best idea right off the wiener, I mean bat. I believe a TD game would be best if it was a sandbox. If you don't know video games, a sandbox is a game like Grand Theft Auto where you can do missions and explore the game world and mess stuff up for as long as you want. You start off by picking a character out of 24 random characters and you are able to explore the island at will, finding treasures (pieces of something a character wants) gathering resources (making tools that will make it easier to explore the island, help in challenges etc.) and completing story missions (helping other characters out with problems to gain alliances, doing the challenges) and every character has their own story and specific character missions with their own specific ending. Each character can interact with another and choose dialogue options with dialogue trees. Every character will have their own specific talents with varying stats 10 points out of 4 areas that maxes to 5.  Here are some for example:


Speed: 3

Strength: 3

Intelligence: 4

Likeability: 0

Special Talent: Words of a Spaniard: Alejandro can persuade female campers easier than other contestants.


Speed: 3

Strength: 2

Intelligence: 4

Likeability: 1

Special Ability: Type-A: Courtney can use her strategic ability to determine advantages and shortcuts in challenges for a short time.


Speed: 2

Strength: 2

Intelligence: 3

Likeability: 3

Special Ability: Lucky Gwen: Gwen experiences a bit of good luck that can allow her to take a lead or close a gap in a challenge.


Speed: 1

Strength: 4

Intelligence: 4

Likeability: 1

Special Ability: Sneaky Scott: Chances of sabotaging a competitor are more successful.


Speed: 3

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 2

Likeability: 5

Special Ability: Commando: Zoey becomes stronger and faster for a short time.

The collecting challenges will be reasons to explore the island (Zoey looking for pieces of Mike's medalion, Cameron collecting butterflies) and you can find things that will explore the history of the island.

Gameplay: Gameplay will be from a third person perspective. You will experience enemies (Bats, bears, laser squirrels, other campers, bears, Yeti, etc.) and combat will involve attacking with punches and kicks and using objects in the environment (throwing rocks, hitting with sticks) or just running away. There will be a health bar that gets restored if you find food in the forest or go back to camp. You can also go in the confessional and a cutscene will happen, and voting will happen and the game will determine who goes home considering actions of the challenge (You can't be kicked off) and story missions will be either optional token (Someone needs you to help them ie. Cameron needs help collecting butterflies) or personal (Heather has to spy on Alejandro, Scott needs to look for the immunity Idol) or optional personal camper connections (Duncan has story missions about helping Gwen that only he can do, Mike is the only one that can do a certain Zoey storyline of missions.) the final boss will a competition between the final two, and the opposing competitor will be someone that the camper has a personal connection with (Courtney's final boss is Duncan, Cameron's final boss is Mike, Sierra's final boss is Cody) The challenges do not change, only the campers' order of elimination do.

The other idea is the same thing but you can only pick one character, you. It's an RPG. You allocate stats, create your character, pick your voice and compete in challenges with other characters. You determine the interaction with them, go on quests, and compete in challenges. It's the same as above, except you can be kicked off, which is a game over and will require you to start the game again.

There you go. Hope you guys enjoyed my quick ideas. Leave me a message maybe. How about your opinions, scratch that, it doesn't matter to me. But if you want to give your fingers some exercise and state your opinion, free country and maybe I'll respond if Santa thinks you've been a good boy or girl or intermediate this year. Never mind, none of you were. Trust me, I've been watching you and I know if you've been good or bad.

I probably wasn't supposed to say that.


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