You ever have the feeling that while giving a presentation you have a good idea and can present it thoroughly but right when you're halfway through it you realize your ending doesn't have enough strength as the beginning or middle? Like a train whose later cars are made out of paper mache and potato salad? That's pretty much what The Final Wreckening is like, a finale with a decent opening that eventually degrades into sloppy mushy crap, pretty much how TDAS' writers must feel about their careers. (OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

The episode started out strong, no doubt, with Zoey looking over the computer and being concerned and Mal smacktalking Zoey while Mike and his other personalities get to the tower. And then they get the weapons and there are the bubbles, and Owen! Surprisingly. But of course I really didn't expect him (if he did make an appearance) to do much anyway, just provide some cheap fart jokes like he usually does, so you can't say he's not doing his job. 

The lack of the peanut gallery is a sticking point for me, because they all got blown away in the bubbles and NO they didn't die. It's a cartoon. People don't die in cartoons (and if they did it means the show is being cancelled soon (Family guy) (OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 2.0)) But the lack of the peanut gallery means absolutley no characterization which you think I'd be pretty pissed off about, but because this is the running theme in the season I can't even get worked up about it. Cameron, Gwen, Alejandro and Heather are the helpers, and this is another sticking point for me. This is the Final Two, and they have a character connection. It should just be THEM. This is another chance for characterization of two characters that need it more than most like african kids and shoes. Alejandro and Heather (or Aleheather if you're just plain sad (Yeah alright glass houses)) are dating now, which I can get a little bit worked up about. By using the powers of my magnificent brain I foretold "They are going to betray each other for the shot at the money" and once again I was unsurprisingly proven right. Also, as aforementioned The Final Two should just involve Mike and Zoey, and classifying that Al and Heather are dating in the finale isn't the place for it. You don't start doing crayon drawings while in the stadium of the Super Bowl (FYI I am NOT comparing the finale to the Super Bowl)

Hold on, let me pop my head up from the grey goop of mediocrity and say that this was probably the funniest episode of the season. The farting made me laugh a little, The Cameron/Gwen kiss was cute, the Mike/Zoey kiss was the high point and the animals going crazy like the apocalypse was happening was funny too. We done? Right, back down we go.

I really wish that the writers stuck with Zoey being all determined in this episode, because when I first saw it I thought "OH, Zoey's determined! The only cartoon equivalent is going super saiyan!" and althought Zoey didn't turn her pigtails into glowing yellow spikes (freaking awesome as that would have been) it certainly would have livened up the challenge a little bit. 

Shama, this is starting to sound like you don't like the Final Wreckening that much.

Eeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmm, Eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, non-commital noises, No. But I have the feeling I would like it more if it weren't so FREAKING ANTICLIMACTIC. The challenge had a lot of potential but that got put down with stuff,  and so did the Mike/Mal fight which is solved by a push of a freaking button. ARE YOU SERIOUS? and Mal got inside his subconcious by going underwater? That's it? It's like if Batman lost his fighting ability by feeling a soft breeze on his crotch. And now Mike has all of his personalities in one person. Sorry, Mike, mate, but those personalities are the only reason you were even remotely interesting (OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 3.0). But my biggest problem, with no doubt, IS THE PULLING OF THE SWORD. Chef shoots, Zoey supports Chef, Surprise! Mike Won! (Zoey's ending is probably the reverse.)


Thats it. The final confrontation of the season finale with the best TD contestants is over in 20 seconds, and you don't even see it happen. Then the Island sinks and the remaining good guys are floating on the cabin and the winners don't even get the million dollars. AND THEN IT JUST ENDS! The characters have achieved nothing, learned nothing and hopefuly this episode will return into whatever black hole is crawled out of and return to nothing. I am systematically running out of hair because that was so infuriating, SO ANNOYING, SO


Do you remeber when the final challenge was actually a climactic battle between two contestats where there wasn't a clear cut winner? Those were good days huh? Perhaps this is what happens when a show starts to enter it's 6th season and the writers just aren't that into it anymore. This season was certainly lackluster and it had SO much going for it. Now the only way that they could make this season better would be if the season's DVD came with an apology letter and some chocolates. 

And by the way Fresh TV, your headquaters are only a 15 minute subway ride from my house, so if you want I will gladly take over some writing jobs. I certainly have potential and an ear to the fans, and need some work over the summer anyway. But I don't think I'm what this season needs, I mean I don't even resemble a pound of dynamite.



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