Hey so this is my online journal (I'm not going to use "blog" because it sounds like a pile of mucus that communicates through horking) and because I like sharing my literary inspired opinion with whoever has the time in their fleeting lives to listen to me blab about a show that is hardly relevant. Why not join me, assuming your english book hasn't caught on fire from how steamy this opening paragraph got?

Ok, because some characters after watching this series are beginning to lose their mojo, and the new bunch of recruit don't really have any qualities that make my underpants tighter I thought I might throw my chicken into this cockfight and give you some of my idea about some new characters this show could use.

First off, let me tell you I LOVE making characters because I like using odities about people and make up new people to see how they would work and interact, but some characters I consider bland or boring because they don't meet my criteria for characters, which by the way I will give you now.

Criteria for making a character great.

  1. They have to have a motivation.
  2. They have to have flaws and fears
  3. They have to have goals
  4. They have to be somewhat grounded (Their decisions have to make sense.)

Overall, they have to seem human (aka, like actual people)

Ok so I have a few ideas on characters that Total Drama can insert into their smorgasboard of one dimensional characters and weird people.

1. The first idea that I had was to have a character that's really really poor. One that comes from a broken down family and is so grateful for the million dollar chance. I also imagine them keeping 1/10th of the money and giving the rest to charity. A tragic character like this one is awesome because it's a) exploring uncharted territory, b) makes him a main character right off the bat c) makes him sympathetic and easy to support and d) his motivation, flaws and goals are obvious. I imagine him getting into 3rd or 5th but never actually winning, which makes him even more sympathetic like a dog in a wheelchair that always tries to fetch but just can't get the energy to get the stick (sorry about the feels)

2. You know what this show needs that also meets the criteria? A deaf character. His goals and flaws are obvious too. He can't hear so that puts him at a disadvantage which makes him easy to root for, like a tree in the ground. He certainly evens out the realm of diversity. 

3. I would also like to see a character that is totally free, but I'm hesitant to suggest this because it's easy to misinterpret. I don't mean free like free from sanity where the actions have no correlation to the next and actions that have absolutely no sentient thought, or free like the patriot nationalist free where they believe in gun rights and no health care to project americans onto one another, you know, the people you see at walmart on black friday that want to get "the man" back at the tune of 85% off. No, I mean free of typical social and phycological standards. This character DOES NOT GIVE A F***. He goes through every challenge giving zero s****.

4. This is a cartoon show for kids that parodies the conventions of reality tv. How could you not have a gay person? But of course not the stereotypical "Hai Guyysth" sort of gay. He doesn't have the accent or anything or a purse or other stereotypical bs, just wears tight clothing and a crazy hairstyle, but he acts and talks like everyone else. I could see this guy winning a lot too because I see him with something to prove, he wants to prove something to his school or his family that he is still a good person. 

Ok so that's all I have for now, but I'll come up with other ones too. Now stare up at the cieling and come to realization that you could be reading about art or literature but instead you're here, reading this. Great choice bud.


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