Yo, sup? I just had an awesome idea 4 a Total Drama season! Here it is

SEASON 7: Total Drama Ultimate Battle

Contestants: Harold, Beth, Gwen, Mike, Zoe, Camron, Lightning(can't have cam without him), Jo, Brick, Izzy, Eva, Rodney, Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, Scott, Jasmine, Leonard, Seirra(it gets better), Leshawna, Anne Maria, Cody, Duncan, Owen.

Teams: Brains vs. Brawns vs. Villans vs. I love Chris

Brains are Harold Beth Gwen Mike Zoe and Cam.

Brawns are Lightning(obviously) Jo Brick Izzy(I know shes not sane but it'll be awesome) Eva and Rodney

Villans are Al Heather Courtney Scott Jasmine and Leonard(last 2 are just a guess)

I love Chris are Seirra(obviously) Leshawna(original hip girl) Anne Maria(second hip girl) Cody(torture!) Duncan(ironic much?) and of course since we all love him, Owen!


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