Hey TDWT Fans!

Hm! Interesting. The bosses told us to "keep it up" on the Total Drama Wiki... so here we are!

We got a really interesting question, from a user called TeamMu: Who should be considered the official ending in the episode listings here? Should it still be Heather like it's been for eight months, or does Canada's desicion switch it to Alejandro?

Well, the short answer is, it depends on where you are. In Canada, where the show is produced - it's more "canon" that way - Alejandro is the winner. In other countries, such as the US and Australia, which aired first, Heather was this season's winner.

Since the Total Drama Wiki is on the internet, it's not in any country. You can make a good argument for both cases. Perhaps write up a new section on the page explaining the difference? That's what we'd do.

Stay tuned!


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