Hey TDWT Fans!

We're in Week 2 of the Spotlight Episodes. Last week, it was Heather's night to shine. Last night, you guys got to see Alejandro up close - and next Sunday, you guys get another chance to see Cody in action! Remember to keep voting for a winner at!

While we're waiting for the voting to finish - vote carefully! - anyone want to do an e-mail contest? (Yeah, one of the new interns got the title wrong.... amateur!)

Here's how it'll work: in our next blog post here, we'll post a question and a deadline. The answer will be somewhere on this wiki - because you guys have all the answers anyway! Then you guys e-mail us before the deadline. We'll pick from the correct answers, let the winner know they've won, and send off the prize. Not quite a a Gossip Monger, but still pretty cool to play while we're waiting!

Stay tuned,


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