Hey Total Drama fans!

Total Drama World Tour has finally premiered in Canada - it'll be interesting to see how the Canadian fan community reacts to the show and the new characters (Sierra and Alejandro), as opposed to the US and Australian fan communities. Canucks, make sure to check out the website for all your Total Drama needs! Stay tuned to for more details - juicy details, might I add.

One other thing: the T-shirt! A while ago, Christian Potenza (aka the voice of Chris McLean) came into the web department to shoot a video for his Youtube channel. To date, it's been seen around the world nearly 7,000 times. One of our site editors wore a T-shirt (a copy of Duncan's) that day, and it's by far been the most popular topic of discussion in the comments, apart from letting in US and International fans. Where can you get such a wonderful, amazing shirt? Well... you can't. The Duncan shirts were made for the cast and crew of Total Drama World Tour to wear around the offices - and there aren't that many anyway. They're not for sale anywhere. Sorry :-(

The next TDWT episode will air on TELETOON on Sept 16th at 8 PM (EST). Catch you there!

TotalDramaTV 14:39, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

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