What's up TDWT fans! Total Drama Online here, and we've got a few great announcements to make!

First, it's down to the wire! The FINALE of TDWT will be airing on April 24th 2010 on TELETOON! Stay tuned to for info on how YOU can vote for a winner! But that's not even the most important announcement we've got!

TDWT Fans in Canada will get lucky in April, since we've got 3, count 'em, 3 all-new episodes airing!... these haven't been on ANYWHERE - not in the US, not in Australia, nowhere. Canadian fans will get this exclusive content first - guaranteed.

Lastly, make sure that you guys get to the site! We're still crowning Gossip Mongers and sending out prize packs, so keep playing, earning badges and points, and checking your email! Chris McLean chooses new Gossip Mongers every month!

Your in Drama,


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