Hey Guys,

Just a few things to let you guys know about today.

First, congrats to TDIFan13 on getting Gossip Monger! No idea how you did it. I guess being #82 on TDO, which has close to 25,000 people on it has something to do with it! Your prize is on the way, I just saw an intern heading out the door with it, actually!

Next month is the LAST month we'll be naming a Gossip Monger. So if you guys haven't signed up for TDO yet... get going! There's still a chance!

Second, the "spotlight" episodes will focus on Heather, Alejandro, and Cody, in that order. Heather's episode aired last night. On Sunday the 10th, we'll look a little closer at Alejandro. Last, on April 17th, fans will get up close and personal with Cody.

THEN... on April 24th... YOUR votes decide the winner. YOU control who gets the million bucks. The finale of TDWT will air on April 24th at 8 PM (EST) on TELETOON.

Stay tuned,


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