It's come to our attention that a number of our fans are based in the US. The Canadian website is blocked for users who aren't in Canada. We'd like a chance to explain why.

In Canada, there's a rule called "Canadian Content". It means that if there are two things that are more or less the same, one American and one Canadian, Canadian companies, advertisers, etc. have to pick or promote the Canadian one. That's the reason why, in Canada, we don't get Cartoon Network on TV. Instead, there's a Canadian equivalent called TELETOON.

Same deal with websites. Technically, the Canadian site is only supposed to be available to Canadians, and the US site for Americans. In other words, legal mumbo jumbo we really don't have any control over.

Just so you guys know what's up, some of the content is the same across both sites - but there are other pages and contests that are exclusively for Canadian fans of the show, because of the above reason. It's what we have to work with... sorry!

Yours in Drama,


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