I really enjoyed sky in TDPI and I personally never saw her as a Zoey 2.0, I thought she had a decent amount of development and overall I just enjoyed her Character!


I enjoy a good villain and I thought he was a unique and interesting villain in TDROTI, in TDAS he was absolutely hilarious and thats why he makes my number nine spot.


Sierra was a funny cody obsessed freak and help made TDWT as much fun as it was, she had good strategy and her character was a blast!


Although Noah didnt get much screen time he was a funny sarcastic guy and I wish he made it farther in both seasons he competed in.


Who doesnt love Izzy? Shes a funny pyscho freak who made Total Drama a blast to watch and we always wanted to know what she would do next!


Part of me dislikes Duncan a bit for being a bit of a screen hog and sometimes rude attitude but I just cant help putting him at my number five spot because he is so developed and personally I find him extremely interesting.


Lindsay is the stereotypical dumb blonde girl but shes so sweet and most of the things she does are absolutely hilarious and I just cant help liking her.


Courtney is the bossy C.I.T that learned a bit of a wild side and developed quite a lot through the series making her a likeable and fun character.


Cody is simply a cool dude and I was so glad he made the top three in TDWT because I loved his character in TDI and always wanted more of him!


Heather is simply amazing, if there was no Heather the show would be called "Total" and that wouldnt be much fun would it? anyways her character has had amazing development and I really hope she returns in a future season!

Im too lazy to put pictures I hope you enjoyed my top ten Total Drama Characters! (Also If you have a favorite character that did not make the list ask me and I wil tell you what my rank for them is!)

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