Cody raced to the pool area wielding a baseball bat, and stopped when he saw the other ex-contestants looks. Sierra came up behind him shortly after.

Cody: Well, are we gonna check it out or what.

Chris: Did you see that thing! Even I wouldnt put you guys in its way, and thats saying alot! But if any of you feel stupid-errr, bold, enough to go look, its your funeral.

Cody: Well Im gonna go check it out. Anyone else coming?

Courtney Loads up a .45 cal Auto pistol and readies the weapon

Courtney: If its illegal to shoot it I'll sue them!

Tyler: I gotta check this out man!

Noah: Id just love to help, but Im more of a "stay here and do what I can while doing little movement as i can" kinda guy.

Brady: Ill stay here and comfort some of the more traumatized people.

Harold: That thing shall have to face my mad skillz before it reaches my luscious leshawna

Chef: Stupid ass fireball, gonna make my day hell, gonna have to clean it up, fine ill go.

Cody: Alright then, lets go.

Sierra: Can I come too Cody?

Cody: Sierra, you almost got killed and are still recovering. And dont tell me that because you can walk 20 feet without resting means your fine.

Sierra:Fine, but come back safe CodyWody!

Cody: When have i failed at that? Lets move out.

The scouting team sat behind a small hill near the crash site. Cody was the first to look inside the crater. He gasped at what he saw. A egg shaped pod the size of a small bus lay there glowing radiation like green. Alien markings covered the surface, and there was still that hideous noise emanating from it (albeit not as loud as at first) Courtney and Chef held their weapons at it, and then, suddenly a door oppened on the side. Then, a monster stepped out. It was grotesque, a very thin yet viscous slime covered it. It had the head of a locust, with giant eyes the size of softballs. Its body looked like a disgusting combination of a lizard, a beatle, and a turtle. It had a half dozen writhing tentacles. It started to walk towards the pool area, snarling like a wolf. Tyler, being Tyler, chose the worst time to speak.

Tyler: Whoa, independence day much bro.

The thing turned around, and lept towards the teens. Courtney wasted no time unleashing a volley of shots at it. Some of them hit home cuasing the thing to fall down onto.Cody. They ran over to check it out. The thing was still alive. As they gazed into its massive black bug eyes, it let out a rasping voice.

Alien thing: Earth...will...die

Chef ended its like with a shotgun blast carefully aimed to avoid harming Cody.

When they got back, Noah got up from tending to the wonder twins with Brady and came over.

Noah: Whaty happened?

Tyler: Dude, you so arent gonna like this....

Sierra sees cody and does her best to run over and hug him.

Sierra: Cody!!! Your safe! What happened!?

Cody: Im not sure Sierra, Im not sure. But we did kill it. Were safe, at least for now.

They share a embrace. Emily walks up to Chris with a very concerned look.

Emily: Shouldnt we do something?

Chris: I already have. Lets just say having friends in Area 51 is usefull for more than just laser shows and saucer induced crash landings.

Emily holds onto Chris for security. Chris, struck with the grave reality of the situation, let her. Everybody stood in uneasy insecurity. They didnt know just exactly what was going on, they just knew it was pretty bad.


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