It was not all quite at the playa des Losers at the set to the old Total Drama Series. Tyler and Lindsay,and Geoff and Bridgette, were making a raket via sucking face. Harold was being a disc jockey and spitting out super loud beats that few approved of. Heather and Courtney were complaining like wives who just woke up. Cody and Sierra were the only one not making 500 decibels of noise, and they were just flirting akwardly back and forth at the poolside. Noah had locked himself in the most soundproof room he could find, reading about quantum theories and lightspeed formulas. Katie and Sadie were talking about their newest boyband crushes. Sadie had lost 2/3 of her wieght and was now only 30 pounds heavier than Katie, but still lacked her BFFFLs tan. Duncan had his hand over his hears and was yelling "blablablabla" to block out Courtney and Gwen fighting over him.

Cody: Hey Sierra!


Cody: can we move somewhere quieter?

Sierra: I cant hear you fluffy bunny, lets move somewhere quieter!

The two moved to a spot about 50 feet from the others and sit down.

Sierra: So Cody, what did you want to tell me?

Cody:Um, yeah, well, you know how you love me?

Sierra: Of course I do, silly willy!

Cody: Well, I like to say that I kinda more than like you, like, like alot, but not like love-like, just like in a very strong kind of way.

He was beet red and very nervous.

Sierra: *giggles* Are you trying to say you like me as much more than a friend?

Cody: Yes, I mean no, um sorta, mostly, ummm, hehe.....

Sierra: You can just say it Cody, noone else is around.

Cody: Ok, well Sierra, I think Im-*cuts off*

A loud whistling noise from above booms across the island. A huge flaming projectile came flying over their heads and crashed into the island a 1/2 mile away. Noah burst out looking irritated and startled.

Noah: What the hell was that!!!

Katie and Sadie: B-b-big.... f-f-flying.....f-f-f-ireb-b-b-ball.

Courtney: There was this big flaming thing that flew right over us and landed right there.

She points to the direction of the crash site.

Beth: Guys! Its glowing!

Sure enough, a northern light esque glow emitted from the crash site. A horrid,screeching, bone chilling howl boomed through the pool area. Everyone grabbed a signifigant other and held tight. Chris, Chef, Emily, and three interns arrived at the scene.

Chris: What is goin- whoa...

Chris stood there gazing in awe. Emily moved to his side and Chef pulled out a sawwed off pump shotgun and readied it. Courtney stepped forward nervously and spoke.

Courtney:Ummm, guys, I have a bad feeling about this....


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