10.Katie and Sadie are lesbian for each other.- No, they have a new guy crush every month.

9.Linday isnt a real blunda - Shes too dopey not to be the real deal, even if she isnt "real blond", shes so real dumb it renders the point null*

8.Chris isnt into women-Aftermath 4, he got his flirt on

7.The cast is immortal- Cody turned 17 in Drumheller

6.Alejandro is bi*- No way, all the guys hate him

5. Cody hates Sierra- No, if you believe this, wacth ep23 and try again

4.Brady was paid to be Beths BF- She lives on a farm, they dont have that kinda money

3.The show was 100% scripted IU

2. Cody and Noah are gay together- No, Cody always was into Gwen, and later on, Sierra. Noah could care less.

1.All of the above are true

This is not intended to be offensive. If you find this offensive, stop reading it or grow a skin. If you think any of the above are true, please, amuse me and try to prove it.

  • I think I forgot to add "and into one of the guys on the show" . Muh bad.
  • Take back that. I was wrong. and S-typing, apologies. And I baked some cookies in real life. Id send them to every blond on the wiki, but i dont know where u live :P

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