Sierra was moping in Cody’s driveway. She had had a terrible day at school. More flak from the population of normal people. More bullsh*t about the hopelessness of her crush. She was determined not to let it get to her. She would make Cody love her. Would she? Ever since Drumheller, she had but a glimmer of hope for the relationship. She then thought about how much effort she had made, how much she had risked and sacrificed and where she was. She started to bawl. After all she-no- they had been through, he considered her as just best friends. But she wanted so much more. So badly. She started to really water up, sobbing tearing and choking. Then a small junker pulled up to the driveway. It was her beloved Cody, back early from his vacation. As he stepped out, he saw her in the driveway and strode over to her. “What are you doing here, you’re gonna freeze to death. Here, take my coat.” He offered his coat and she was genuinely surprised. She returned it back to him. “I don’t need it” she insisted, “besides, you need it more than me, skinny little hunk.” She was embarrassed that she was still talking to him like he was her boyfriend. He took the nickname very pleasantly however, and smirked, handing the coat back. “It’s only 20 feet to the door, besides, I’m still warm from my under armor.” He replied. She took the coat and they headed into the house. The biting cold didn’t seem to faze Cody, in fact he seemed incredibly satisfied at his efforts to shield Sierra from the cold. In the doorway after they had removed and hung up their winter clothing, Cody grinned and led her to the entry to the living room. “Open your hand and close your eyes Sierra, you’re gonna like this.” He whispered. She did as requested by her crush and she felt something small and metal in her hand. Cody then told her: “Open your eyes.” She opened her eyes, and saw a piece of gold plate warped near perfectly into the shape of a ring. “What is it?” she inquired. “It’s a piece of the plane that got warped in the explosion.” He responded. She gave him a curious look, and he explained: “You see, when the plane blew up, for a moment that seemed to last a minute, I thought that you were dead, that life was getting back at me for how I denied you. And then I realized that I was in love with you. When you were alive it was the happiest and most panic stricken moment of my life. I vowed then and there in my mind that I would learn to show you affection back. And how sorry I was for denying you the love I should have given you.” Sierra was shocked at this. Cody then made a mile wide beaming smile at her. “The ring is symbolic. It came into existence at the same time I realized I love you. It’s part of my best Christmas gift yet, my proposal. Sierra…” “Yes” She said breathlessly. She squeezed him, and he embraced her back. “Oh, and Sierra, on an unrelated note.” He pointed to the mistletoe above them. In true mistletoe tradition they kissed passionately. It less-than traditional style, however, they soon turned it into a full blown make-out session. And they had a very, merry, Christmas.

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