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    A Coderra New Years

    December 31, 2010 by TotalDramaNerd991

    Cody was in his home getting ready to go to bed. Sierra was on her real laptop, signing off her Tweeder account. It was New Years and still a few weeks till his and Sierra’s marriage. He couldn’t believe he had fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, neither could the media. Bloodthirsty reporters, Noco fans, and even Sierra’s bullies from school were giving them h*ll for their love. With merely an hour till 2011, he sat with her, putting his arms around her. He felt that her shirt was torn and had a small stain of blood and mud on it. He looked at her concerned and inquired curiously: “Sierra, what happened?” She moved away shyly. “Nothing, I just, umm, tripped on the way home. Yeah, no big deal. Hehe.” She stammered. Cody looked at her v…

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    10.Katie and Sadie are lesbian for each other.- No, they have a new guy crush every month.

    9.Linday isnt a real blunda - Shes too dopey not to be the real deal, even if she isnt "real blond", shes so real dumb it renders the point null*

    8.Chris isnt into women-Aftermath 4, he got his flirt on

    7.The cast is immortal- Cody turned 17 in Drumheller

    6.Alejandro is bi*- No way, all the guys hate him

    5. Cody hates Sierra- No, if you believe this, wacth ep23 and try again

    4.Brady was paid to be Beths BF- She lives on a farm, they dont have that kinda money

    3.The show was 100% scripted IU

    2. Cody and Noah are gay together- No, Cody always was into Gwen, and later on, Sierra. Noah could care less.

    1.All of the above are true

    This is not intended to be offensiv…

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    A Coderra Christmas

    December 16, 2010 by TotalDramaNerd991

    Sierra was moping in Cody’s driveway. She had had a terrible day at school. More flak from the population of normal people. More bullsh*t about the hopelessness of her crush. She was determined not to let it get to her. She would make Cody love her. Would she? Ever since Drumheller, she had but a glimmer of hope for the relationship. She then thought about how much effort she had made, how much she had risked and sacrificed and where she was. She started to bawl. After all she-no- they had been through, he considered her as just best friends. But she wanted so much more. So badly. She started to really water up, sobbing tearing and choking. Then a small junker pulled up to the driveway. It was her beloved Cody, back early from his vacatio…

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    Cody raced to the pool area wielding a baseball bat, and stopped when he saw the other ex-contestants looks. Sierra came up behind him shortly after.

    Cody: Well, are we gonna check it out or what.

    Chris: Did you see that thing! Even I wouldnt put you guys in its way, and thats saying alot! But if any of you feel stupid-errr, bold, enough to go look, its your funeral.

    Cody: Well Im gonna go check it out. Anyone else coming?

    Courtney Loads up a .45 cal Auto pistol and readies the weapon

    Courtney: If its illegal to shoot it I'll sue them!

    Tyler: I gotta check this out man!

    Noah: Id just love to help, but Im more of a "stay here and do what I can while doing little movement as i can" kinda guy.

    Brady: Ill stay here and comfort some of the more traumat…

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    It was not all quite at the playa des Losers at the set to the old Total Drama Series. Tyler and Lindsay,and Geoff and Bridgette, were making a raket via sucking face. Harold was being a disc jockey and spitting out super loud beats that few approved of. Heather and Courtney were complaining like wives who just woke up. Cody and Sierra were the only one not making 500 decibels of noise, and they were just flirting akwardly back and forth at the poolside. Noah had locked himself in the most soundproof room he could find, reading about quantum theories and lightspeed formulas. Katie and Sadie were talking about their newest boyband crushes. Sadie had lost 2/3 of her wieght and was now only 30 pounds heavier than Katie, but still lacked her B…

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