Hey guys! TotalDramaNaruto here, semi-popular wiki user, and The Game: The Sequel contestant. Now, it's been like more then a month since season two ended yet The Game creator, Nalyd Renrut, has decided not to make it yet. So I'm gonna do it instead. Now, unfortunately, since I'm only a contestant, I'll only be able to show MY confessionals....sorry ^^; but hey, it's better then nothing. So, here we go!

The Game: The Sequel recently came to an exciting conclusion, and Bigez was crowned the winner. Join me now as we look back on the adventure fifteen users went on over thirty days.....from my perspective. ;)

The Game started out with fifteen contestants; Five returners from Season One, The Game, consisting of Bigez, CD-TDA, Kota, Ryan, and TDA15. Along with ten new contestants consisting of BarBar, Bruno, Codyfan1000, MTDM, Nduke, NegativeNoah666, Nook, TDN (me), That Epic, and WM.

To be honest, I was pretty nervous, it was my first time being a legit contestant on one of the wiki's games. And apparently, BarBar, Nook, Codyfan, and That Epic had already made analliance as revealed by Aimers, Season One winner's, Predictions blog. The first challenge was an editing contest, people with the two highest amount of edits within three days would win. I wasn't that frequent an editor, but that didn't stop me. I edited and edited and soon the challenge started to end.

"So, the first challenge ends today. Wow, I still can't believe I actually made into The Game! I never get into stuff. Anyway, WM's obviously gonna win the challenge. I mean did you see how many edits he made yesterday?! The only question now is, who's gonna be the second winner? It's probobaly not gonna be me, I edit, but it's usually not that often. But I definately edited for this challenge! Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see." - Me TDN, Day Three

After the challenge ended, I discovered that I only made 42 edits in the challenge...the heck?! I thought I made more but hey, at least I edited. Unsurprisingly, WM won the challenge, along with BarBar. And even more unsurprisingly, as the winners, they would be team captians, pick their teams, and the team name. Since there was an uneven amount of contestants, the person not picked would be eliminated. I luckily got picked by my good friend WM, along with Bigez, MTDM, NegativeNoah666, Nook and Ryan. We became The Devastating Domination. BarBar's consisited of himself, Bruno, Codyfan, CD-TDA, Kota, Nduke, and That Epic. The became The Lava Lamps. (Ultimate much?) And, as you can see, BarBar's alliance had the upperhand on the team. Unfortunately, that meant that TDA15 became the first person eliminated from The Game: The Sequel.

The next day, instead of the first team challenge, Nalyd gave us a twist by making both teams vote off one member. And as an added twist, the team captians, WM and BarBar, could not be voted off. I was conflicted, but knew who I wanred to vote for.

"*sighs* A double elimination right off the bat? Really Nalyd? Ugh, I don't who to vote for. Tanooki is in an alliance but the other memebers are on the Lamps. Noah didn't do anything and has been gone forever, so I don't know why he even signed up. Then the supposed power houses, Ryan, Bigez and WM. WM is immune so we can scratch him out. Everyone hates on Ryan and if people want the strong people gone first then it'll probably be Ryan and CD going home. I on the other hand think that's stupid, why kick off the strong people during the teams part? So...I guess I vote NegativeNoah, he hasn't done anything, which in these sorts of situations, is bad." - Me TDN, Day Four

Unfortunately, my team didn't follow suit and voted off Nook, probably because he was in an alliance with half of the other team. The Lava Lamps voted off Kota, making him again be the first person voted off his team, but not nessesarily the first eliminated. Hm....these Nalyd's Hoodie of Immunity is really warm. :3

On Day Six the first team challenge finally happened! And it was an old fasioned caption challenge, my team quickly went to work to make captions....but for some reason, WM, the creator of frickin' Caption Crunch!!!, didn't feel like it and didn't help. Making me take charge.

"About time! Poor Kota....he/she's so unloved. And Tanooki, I did NOT vote for you. I'm actually kinda shocked you left. Then WERE in an alliance with half of the other team. Anyways, today's challenge was a good old fashioned Caption challenge. I thought that having the creator of Caption Crunch as the team captian meant that he would take charge and we'd be a shoo in to win. Apparently....I was wrong. After the challenge was announced and Ryan, Bigez, WM and I had a team meeting to make the Caption, WM didn't do anything! He said that he didn't feel like doing captions which really shocked me. In the end, I ended up taking charge and made most of the Captions, with help from Ryan. I sorta feel like WM threw me under the bus and intentionally made it to where someone else took charge. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but I'll be keeping an eye on Captian WebkinzMania. >.>" - Me TDN, Day Six

Here are the captions from my team, The Devastating Domination:

Hey, tell me what YOU guys think of the captions.

The Lava Lamps had some good ones, but ultimately, we won the first team challenge. I was pretty shocked by our victory. And as a reward for winning, WM was able to give someone an immunity idol. .

"Oh my God. I, just won the first challenge for my team! Th seventh and last Caption, the one that decided who won was chosen by me! I feel really proud of myself. Here I was, thinking WM threw me under the bus by having me take charge, but in the end I ended up helping us win! I don't want to sound too optomistic, so I just hope I can continue being valuble to the team. WM may even give me the immunity idol for my good work.....but what do I know? I wasted an immunity idol....before I even got one! xDD" - Me TDN, Day Seven

But instead, he gave it to Ryan, a little disapointing, but whatever. And in a dramatic elimination ceremony, Codyfan was elliminated from The Lava Lamps, adn apparently, BarBar's alliance. I think he tried to take over the alliance but epiclly failed.

" CodyFan? Wasn't he in an alliance with like half his team? What the heck did I miss?! I am sooo confused right now...-_-"

The next challenge was to to find out who said what and when. i.e. a quote challenge from TD. This challenge was pretty quick as Bigez found them almost instantly. Even though both teams got the right answers, the Lamps submitted theirs early and theirs was not counted. And, unsurprisingly, Nduke was eliminated from the Lava Lamps.

The next challenge was to simply, email Nalyd. ...That's it. Last to do so was automatically eliminated. Here's my message:

"Hi! :) Noah is so going home cause he ain't here to even email you."

And I was right. NegativeNoah had Negative Participation and I guess only signed up after checking on the wiki after years of inactivity and saw the sign ups for the season. WM did try to contact him on otherwebsites so that we wouldn't lose a member, but ultimatly, he was eliminated.

On Day Thirteen, yet another twist happened as Nalyd announced that there would be a team swap. Wmand BarBar would have to pick one team member to go to the other team. I seriously hoped it wasn't me.

"Finally, we finally got rid of the dead weight that is NegativeNoah, cause he did negative nothing! I still don't get why he joined in the first place, seriously. But now this? A team swap? I best not be going to the Lamps, and who ever goes over to the Dominations best not be CD. If it's one of BarBar's alliance members....although I'm not sure if that's still on or not. Either way, I don't wanna switch teams." - Me TDN, Day Thirteen

Fortunately it wasn't MTDM was picked by WM to go to the Lamps, and Bruno went to us, the Dominations. Although, after that, things got wierd...

The next challenge, with the new teams, was to pick a song that best fit Staci, Dakota, Anne Maria, Lightning, and Sam. I didn't get to help with this thanks to school but my team had it under control...but I wasn't sure if the team itself was under control.

"Ok, this is getting annoying. Next time Nalyd, try to post the challenge in a manageable time, because since I had school I couldn't help with the challenge. Granted most of us are in different countries but still. You're in America right? Anyway, that's not the main problem right now. The problem, is my team. I'm not sure if I'm safe with them anymore. For the past few days, BarBar has been telling me that I need to be careful with my team. And ever since we switched MTDM for Bruno, MTDM has been telling me to watch my back also. He says that Bigez, WM, and Ryan have been using him throughout this game and by tossing him to the other team, he's basically outlived his usefulness. This scares me....what if I'm next? I mean, granted, this shouldn't be that shocking since they're like three of the strongest returners here, are all on the same team, and are major powerhouses. Wow, maybe I woulda had better luck on the Lamps.... Anyways, I'm not sure if they'll try to get rid of me. WM is a good friend of mine and if he's the leader of this supposed alliance he might get rid of Bruno faster then me. Then Ryan and Bigez....Bigez is meh, but Ryan and me are pretty close. Ugh, I just don't know anymore! Maybe I should make an alliance with Bruno and some how convince one of the others to vote with us. I don't know, I'm not really that good at strategy, and I'm not the type to be antagonist and insure someones elimination. *sighs* I guess we'll just have to see what happens next." - Me TDN Day Fourteen

I was really worried, but luckily my team won again, this time due to th Lamps not even sending in answers.

"Wow! What a lucky break! We won cause the other team didn't even do the challenge! xDD But now, back to the matter at hand. I've gotten Bruno into an alliance. Now, I just have to get someone from the powerhouse alliance into mine. I feel even more unsafe now cause I sense that a merge will happen soon. Anyway, WM is probably my best bet. According to Aimers, WM is at the short end of the stick in the alliance. Granted most of Aimers' predictions have been wrong. But still, I feel WM and Bruno are the only ones I can trust. *annoyed* Go Devastating Domination I guess. :s" - Me TDN Day Fifteen

With Bruno in tow I felt a little safer, but I still wasn't sure. The Game was starting to get dangerous. BarBar was eliminated from the Lamps for I guess not making sure the challenge was done. His alliance was offically gone and it looked like CD-TDA and MTDM made there own alliance.

The next challenge was another Caption challenge. I was very shocked there was no merge as everyone thought there would be one. The team sorta struggled with this as there was confusion of which of the suggested caption would be chosen and Ryan kinda messed some of them up. All in all we won again, thanks to the Lamops not submitting a caption for the last picture, the Devastating Domination lived up to its name for never losing a challenge, and I got an offer I couldn't refuse.

"Ok first of all, I'm still pissed that a merge didn't happen. EVERYONE was expecting one! Ugh, -_- anyways. Good news is, WE WON! AGAIN! Wow, Lamps are really looking like Team Victory/Toxic Rats. Three turning into two. I'm about 90% sure That Epic will go, but I'm STILL shocked that BarBar, their team captain, was eliminated last time. And as for the Domination conspiracy thing, I'm still not sure what will happen. The merge will MOST likely happen after this elimination, so I won't have as big of a chance to be eliminated. CD recently asked for an alliance, probably cause she knows she'll be a big threat come merge. So I've got two people on my side. Though, I'm not a hundred percent sure if I can trust her. She could always join the Powerhouse alliance and go all the way to the final four with them. I don't know, this is getting complicated, at least I'm safe for tonight." - Me TDN Day Seventeen

My team's captions:

Tell me what you think. The Lamps voted off That Epic unsurprisingly.

Day Eighteen, the merge. Finally it happened! And it was the final seven with me, Bigez, Bruno, CD-TDA, MTDM, Ryan, and WM. At this point, though it was a merge, we were still divided. Me and Bruno's alliance merged with CD-TDA and MTDM's alliance to take out the Powerhouse Alliance, Bigez, Ryan and WM. CD-TDA seemed to be in charge as she already had the challenge answers, which was another quote challenge. She even tricked the others into thinking she would submit hers an hour after we were allowed to, when she actually submitted it the second we could, winning the challenge.

"Merge baby! Whoo! Sucks that ThatEpic's gone, but I'm so happy I made it here! Anyways, quote challenge, again, really? Whatever, it woulda been hard but thanks to my alliance, it was easy. xDDD I still can't believe CD tricked everyone into thinking she submitted hers in an hour after we could have. xDD Can't wait for the vote, I actually feel secure, I have a good alliance and I'm not a threat. Good luck Ryan. -w-" - Me TDN, Day Eighteen

Our alliance targeted Ryan as a first victim though I suggested Bigez. In the end we took out Ryan who was a little pissed and I might have been in hot water with him since I told him I voted MTDM.

Then....tragedy struck! (dramatic thunder and lightning) I....was WRONGFULLY accused of harrasing fellow user but non contestant Ale-Alejandro and was banned from the wiki AND IRC for two weeks. Appraently during between Day Ninteen and Twenty, someone PM'ed Ale in the IRC under my name and proceeded to insult and harass her. When she pulled the IP address, it was somehow mine that was pulled. Even though I had know clue anything happened until the ban. To this day it's unknown who the real culprit is, but I've put it behind me and everyone seems to still be ok with me. This is the message I left for my fellow contestants after hearing of my ban:

"......*sniffles* Hello my fellow Game competitors, by the time you see this, I will have either been unbanned or have a few days left on my ban. I know this doesn't nessesarily have to do with The Game, but I just want you to know, I DID NOT insult Ale-Alejandro! I did not call her a b**ch, and I did not harrass her. I don't know how it happened. Someone, somehow got my IP adress and harrassed Ale, and framed me! I don't know if it was someone from my house, or if it was a hacker or a user here. All I know is, that I am genuinely telling the truth when I say it wasn't me. I'm not that type of person. I never harrass users. And I'm an overall nice guy. I hope this ban doesn't effect my performance in The Game, and if it does, it'll help my theory of sabotage. So please, don't hate me for something I didn't do. And I hope this will have been cleared up by the time the ban is over. ----Your favorite Ninja, TotalDramaNaruto" - Me TDN, Day Twenty

I was prepared for the worse, I thought that being banned would make me disqualified for The Game. But soon, after submitting my confessional, Host Nalyd Renrut gave me a message.

"Hey TDN. Just want you to know that even though you're banned, you can still participate. This is why everything is done by email. :p If you have any questions, lemme know." -NR

This surprised me. I thought for sured I'd be DQ'ed but Nalyd graciously let me stay in the competition and soon the next challenge was announced.

The next challenge was to pick a number at random from 1-1,000. I picked 824 but the number Nalyd picked was 794. CD-TDA picked 785 and won immunity...again.

Soon after CD contacted me in the IRC through the channel I was staying on thoughout the ban, #TDN. She told me the alliance's next target was WM. I really didn't want to but I had to stay loyal to the alliance. WM tried to tell me to vote Bigez, but I ultimately voted WM.

"*sighs* This, is probably the most difficult vote for me. My alliance wants me to vote off WM, but WM, a good friend of mine, wants me to vote Bigez. I don't know what to do! Vote with my alliance and get rid of a good friend of mine who's like the only one that believes that I didn't harrass Ale, or do I vote away from my alliance and possibly get rid of Bigez, possibly losing the trust of my alliance? Ugh, I'm sorry WM, but I have to be loyal to my alliance if I want to make it to the end. I vote.....WM. :( I'm really sorry..." - Me TDN, Day Tewnty

WM was eliminated, but something with the votes confused me....

"Well, I'm still banned. Then again, it's only been a day. Although, I think I'm coming close to proving my innocence. *sighs* I'm really sorry WM, I really didn't want to vote you off, but I had to! Speaking of which, I'm wondering why you voted WITH Bigez, when you were trying to convince me to vote him off. >.> I smell trickery to save your butt. Either way, I'll miss you. I hope you're not mad at me, you're the only one so far who seems to want to believe in my innocence and the only one I can really talk to. :( Please don't be mad."- Me TDN, Day Twenty-One

This still had me thrown for a loop, but I eventually diregarded it. The next challenge was yet another Caption challenge this time on our own. I was at forst afraid it'd be hard, but I actually got some good captions going.

Tell me what you think.

I got two points for the 8th and 9th ones, but ultimately Bigez won. In a shocking twist it was revealed that for winning, Bigez would get the only vote for who would be eliminated. I knew I was safe and also knew that as the only threat left, CD-TDA would be voted off. I was right ahd she was eliminated. Taking away our alliance leader. Now I started getting worried.

"And the ban continues......anyways, of COURSE Bigez won the challenge, of COURSE the reward was to vote someone off personally, and of COURSE he voted off CD. Ugh, what's gonna happen to the alliance now? Hopefully MTDM and Bruno will still try to vote off Bigez, but what happens after that? Will I be in danger? Will I even make it to the finals? IDK and what's worse is that Nalyd can't continue this weekend so we have to continue The Game on Monday. Ugh, this is getting complicated, and it's even worse with this ban, again, for something I didn't do." - Me TDN, Day Twenty-Three

The next challenge was to answer trivia about both seasons of The Game. I got all but questions 3, 9, and 10 wrong. Bruno won though I almost tied with him since I typed 23 as ther answer to number 10 on accident.

I was pretty confident I was safe since Bigez was a Big-threat. I felt the alliance would go into the final three...

"Whoa....I almost won the challenge! The only reason I didn't was because I typo'd. I didn't mean to put 23! Ugh, anyways, congrats Bruno, if everything goes right, Bigez will be gone and it'll just be me, Bruno, and MTDM. If I make it to the final 3, I HAVE to win the challenge, I'm sure they'd pick each other over me. *sighs* I can't wait for this ban to end." Me TDN, Day Twenty-Four

.....I was wrong. In the most shocking elimination ceremony, after a tie in the votes between me and Bigez, a coin toss was issued and I was eliminated. This shocked me more than anything else. Not only because I was eliminated, not only because it was by a coin flip, but because I knew that some, either Bruno or MTDM, tried to betray me. But I didn't know who. So, in my final confessional, I vented my fustration to both of them.

"W. T. F?! Who the heck voted for me?! Obviously me and Bigez voted for each other, but who was the two-timing backstabbing little (bleep!) that voted for me too?! I know I was eliminated by chance because of the tie, but if the one person didn't defect, Bigez, THE BIGGEST THREAT, would be gone! MTDM, Bruno, when I find out which one of you betrayed the alliance....I might just get banned again. >.>"

The next day, the final three, Bigez, Bruno and MTDM had to pick a number from 1 to 100,000 only this time, the person closest would be eliminated. MTDM was closest and was eliminated. I had mixed feelings since I did not know if he betrayed me.

The finale, Bigez vs. Bruno I was sure I would root for Bruno. He was a good friend and teammate. I also rooted for him because later in the day, MTDM revealed he did infact betray me in a comment to BarBar, infruriating me. As a jury memeber, along with MTDM, CD-TDA, WM, Ryan, ThatEpic, and BarBar, I had to ask the final two questions.

"Alright, I have three questions: 1. Do you believe you had to backstab some people to get where you are now? If so, who? 2. As you know, I was banned a week ago for harrassing fellow user Ale-Alejandro and as you may or may not know, I have since then been trying to prove my innocence as I believe I was impersonated, so my next question is, do you believe I am innocent? You may ask CD-TDA for more details on the case. And to lighten the mood a little, 3. Do you like/liked Naruto?"

Bruno's answer to the first one wasn't surprising since he kinda had to with the alliance. And Bigez's was nice that he didn't betray anyone, but he never really needed to. Bruno's answer to number two lifted my sprirts since I knew at least someone still believed in me, but Bigez's was very deep and inspirational, and so very true. The the last one was for fun since my name is TotalDramaNARUTO. I LOVE Naruto and as much as I like the Sand Village and Sasuke. I still stand by my Hinata FTW! :D

In the end, I voted for Bruno but Bigez somehow still won. But it's ok, congrats Bigez, sorry Bruno, and >.> MTDM.

So, that's it. I hope this makes up for Nalyd not doing it yet. And I hope you like what I had to say on the things in The Game. And I just wanna say, I loved working with all my fellow competitors.....except MTDM >.> jkjk....maybe.

The Game: The Sequel Contestant: TotalDramaNaruto

Day Eliminated: Day Twenty-Five

Place in Competition: 4th

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