Hello everyone. As you all know. There was a very failed attempt to make a Ridonculous Race RP this past month. This was due to disorganization, absences, and not alot of commitment. But we now have a set team, better ideas, and a lot more professionalism, and we hope to make this RP a great one that everyone will enjoy. Our main team currently consists of: Myself (TotalDramaNaruto), Blake, Milkshake, and one of our lovely admins N3. Now in order to make this RP actually WORK, we need to have a set of rules and regulations in order for everyone to be on the same page.

Code of Conduct

While edits and wiki activity may not be important in this kind of activity, we'd prefer you have some experience on this wiki. Nevertheless, if you are new or haven't been a member for that long, it does not matter, sign up at your own will. That being said, not only should you be able to follow the wiki's rules, but we expect you to be able to conduct your selves in a professional matter. The rules and guidelines are as follows:

  1. Be mature. We have zero tolerance for trolling. if you are signing up just to be a nuisance, please don't sign up at all. If you are eliminated from the competition, remember that it is just a game and don't take it too hard.
  2. Be orderly. A common problem with a lot of RPs is that everyone tends to have multiple conversations at the same time and no one knows what's going on. Please don't do this. The host and other leaders are gonna try and indicate when people can talk, and which characters are in the scene that will be talking. I know it sounds a bit structured, but it's a better way to organize where everyone is in each episode. Also, when Don is talking/explaining a challenge, DO. NOT. TALK. This is a consistent problem in almost every RP and it makes it impossible to move the episode along if we constantly have to shush or de-voice people every five minutes. We will tell you when it's time for everyone to speak.
  3. Be realistic. We all know how bad god-playing is. So during challenges, please be realistic with your character's performance and don't try to finish things in five seconds. But that's really a no brainer. More importantly, please don't flanderize your own characters. While it's fun to make meta jokes about our characters actions from the canon and point out flaws from them, don't be out of character about it. If you're the bloggers, don't be overly hyper-flamboyant. If you're the Best Friends, don't over do Devin's stupidity and Carrie's Devin thirst. Also please be appropriate, it's a family show.
  4. Finally, Be committed. If you're gonna sign up for this and you happen to be picked please do your best to actually show up. I know time zones are askew for some people and people have events that happen they don't plan for, but if you are free most afternoons or nights on the weekend then it shouldn't be that hard. And don't ditch just cause you suddenly don't want to attend or have prior roleplaying engagements (you know who you are). If you get a role and feel that one day you might not make it, please tell one of us so that we will know ahead of time.

Audition process

Now of course as this is a revamp of EE it's only fair that we have re-auditions for the characters, so all previous roles have been nullified. Naturally, if you got the role of someone last time and want to audition as them again, feel free. But there's been a few changes. First and foremost, the Roleplayer's Choice option is no longer going to be available. We figured it'd be too much of a hassle to have people make random match ups, but seeing as we still needed one girl/girl team to make genders even, we made another custom team of existing characters to go with Katie and Sadie. Who? you'll find out. ;) Additionally, not everyone will be auditioning for individual roles. We've decided to have some whole teams be played by one user (teams who characters are pretty similar in personality) and the other portion of teams be played by two people (for the ones with different personalities and dynamics) How will this work during auditions? That will be explained when I make the post for sign ups.

So that's about it for the new rules and format and such. I hope this time, with hard work and dedication we can actually pull this off. Sign-ups will be posted soon. We still got a lot to work on, but wanted to update you one what we got there. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope to see you when the Extreme Expedition sets off!!

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