Ok. I need to play catch up here so instead of doing Evil Dread and Saving Private Leechball separately, I'm gonna do a quick review of them together then go straight into this week's episode.

So basically, I really liked both of these episodes. The flow wasn't as awkward as it was in the first episode. With Evil Dread, the physical comedy was ok but got ridiculous, the reveal of Evil Mike scared the CRAP out of me! I mean, I know we all were speculating him after the half second of dark Mike in the background after he defeated the personalities, but I didn't think they would actually DO IT! Scott was great, Sam was pathetic, and the Triangle irks me. NINJA STARS to Heather and Jo for their conflict, Scott for becoming likable and kind of adorkable in the Spa, the whole Evil Mike reveal for freaking me out. KUNAI KNIFE to Sam for being useless thanks to a bug bite, Lightning for being too dumb to function, and the Challenge for being boring and singular. 6.5/10

As far as Leechball is concerned, Courtney's obvious "fish out of water" aspect with being a "Hero" became more apparent. Sierra's friendship with Cameron was getting cute and I even mentally called it myself, but then it got weird with her imagining Cody. I was really hoping they would make her more of an overall fangirl and liked the whole fanblogger thing they were doing in the first episode, but now she's just being her usual self but since Cody isn't physically there for her to drool over she has to resort to hallucinating. Sierra, I am disappoint. The team switch was again called out by everyone before the season aired but the fact that it was Courtney and DUNCAN and NOT Gwen was a complete surprise. So NINJA STARS to Duncan for reminding us he's not all bad and Jo yet again for being the only sane one on her team...well, as sane as a sweatpants wearing control freak can be, and the Team swap for breaking everyone's mental capacities. KUNAI KNIFE to Sierra for disappointing me with her Cody fetish and the challenge which was a good challenge and everything, but it went by way to fast as opposed to Evil Dread where it dragged out for too long. 8/10 So those are my spiels for those two episodes. As for Food Fright.....


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