Greetings Campers! Its the Gewn Goon himself coming at you live with a special announcement!

After the success of Ridonculous Roleplay: Wawanakwa and its sassy sequel Boney Island. The admin team has decided the fun shouldnt stop there! So join us this summer as the drama intensifies on: Island TV!!

What is Island TV?

Set back in the decrepit island of Camp Wawanakwa, 13 Original Campers will compete in humiliating, back breaking, mentally scarring challenges. All for the chance at ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS.

So get ready to join your Hostess who Boasts the Mostest, Blaineley Stacy Andrews O'Halloran for a summer of pain and torture fun and excitement!

How do I Apply?

Well unlike past RPs casting this time will be a little different. If you havent noticed already, for the past few weeks the producers; Me, Prince Blake, and everyones FAVORITE King Bee Ryan have been recruiting users anf past players to compete. But now, we need YOU. Our cast is nearly complete, but there are currently THREE MALE slots still open for the taking! So here's all you need to do.

  • Submit below in the comments a profile for an Original Character.
  • Character must have a Name, Stereotype/Label, and a brief description of your character's personality.
  • From there, the hosting team will choose from the submissions and finalize our cast. Once the cast has been finalized we will contact all Roleplayers involved.

There currently no finalized start date, but we would like to begin before the end of July for what should ne a quick but fun Week Long 5 Day RP. So sign up if you're interested and we hope to see you soon!

TDN Out~

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