Well since everyone else is doing it, I guess it's time for my two cents. Just like everyone else, I'll be running down what goes on in the ep with commentary and possibly pictures. I'll analyze my thoughts at the end and since it's apparently a staple that you give out SOME kind of prize at the end I will do so as well. What will those be? Well if you haven't guessed by my username, I'm a fan of a certain ninja. So my prizes will be in two for the NINJA STAR of the episode and the things that I wanna shank with a KUNAI KNIFE from the episode. One of each will be given to a character AND a scene from the episode. Let's begin shall we?

So the episode starts with Chef Hatchet walking through a prison hallway. OHAI With a Chainsaw and a Hook. How ya been? Oh wait you're in jail. And prisoner trying to get some with a random passerby cliche. Finally, despite several arguments to the contrary, we see that Chris DID IN FACT get sent to prison for the toxic waste in TDRI. And we now have a legit mention of the passage of time, as for all the times he said year(s) in TDRI, he could have easily just meant seasons. Apparently Chris caught a case of "Reality Show-itis" and thinks two bugs are Lightning and Duncan. Fitting. Chef approaches him, and despite arguing at first, he agrees, immediately upon seeing he's been renewed, to host another season. I have to say, I kinda liked this cause it's one of the few scenes that happen that's not like, "oh hey make sure camera five gets this angle" it's something that happens outside the show inverse that kinda leads into the show. Which is great cause I was wondering how they were gonna start off from where we last left Chris.

And now, the moment I've been waiting for. The new theme song! "Dear mom and-- .....Um. What? Wait-- No Don't go Na Na yet!! Did they, they shortened the theme song?!" Yeah as you can tell, I am not happy with the shortened theme. I mean, I can understand why, considering all except Al and Sierra have been on this island so they didn't want to end up doing the TDI theme again/just mash up what everyone did in the TDI/TDRI themes. But, just, could they REALLY not think of something better? -_- Whatever.

Time to intro the cast.....via a war chopper. Well, they can't go by bus and the boat's been done to death. Next best thing? Drop them out of the sky! Some of them are really funny, starting with Mike as his personalities go in and out as he falls. Some might think that's weird, but it kinda proves how much control he has over them. I mean he kind of let them out as they were called. That or they came out on their own when called....I don't know. Zoey immediately goes to rescue her man. Followed by Lightning being pompous about jumping before getting his butt literally kicked. The rest are sped through, though Scott does hilariously hang on for dear life on Chef's leg. I have to admit, Scott is a much better comedic relief than he is an Antagonist. Then there's Jo, who as usual, doesn't go down without a fight. On to the Vets who also get sped through, mainly since we've already seen these guys for three seasons. Gwen apparently has memory loss cause I am positive Courtney and Duncan were dating. That's the whole reason she was pissed and why Sierra wanted to slit your throat!! I blame the writers who probs forgot how it worked originally. Duncan gives no craps, Lindsay thinks she's a bird and Heather states the obvious. And finally, one of my faves with a stylin' new do dive-bombs the lake in a testament to her love for Cody. I really hope she doesn't continue to spaz over him. -_- And with that we have our full-- "And Ezekiel" Wait what?! Zeke's back? And he's STILL all malnourished? Seriously? Come on. Sierra was healed from the explosion, Scott's out of the TRAUMA CHAIR. Yet Zeke is still a green, feral, gollum monster? And they're STILL making fun of him? Ugh, Total Drama, I am disappoint.

Next are the teams, the Heroic Hamsters and Villainous Vultures. Looks like Courtney and Gwen really are on the opposite of the teams they should be on and Gwen is serious distraught about this. I can't believe that after all this time, they are still hammering Gwen about "stealing" Duncan from Courtney. Like she didn't even INITIATE THE KISS! Why doesn't anyone harp on Duncan for cheating on Courtney? he's not innocent in this situation! ...But that's another convo for another time. The vultures get a robot that we all know is Alejandro. I mean why does he even have it? he didn't in TDRI besides when it held Heather on the yacht. And how does Scott know it should talk? He shouldn't have even known it existed.

And now to the challenge. I like how the challenges are based on past challenges. And to start off with a mix of The very first challenge and Broadway Baby! is perfect. It's a little repetitive with some funny in between moments here and there. Scott's fear of Fang, Gwen pushing Duncan off a cliff out of nervousness, ZOEY saving MIKE for once, and Sierra smushing Courtney in the carriage. I REALLY loved the interactions between Jo and Duncan. When TDAS was announced I immediately anticipated the interactions of the TDI and TDRI characters. And they did not disappoint. And then....

....THIS HAPPENS! In which I got a case of "UNSURPRISING DEVELOPMENT; GENUINE SHOCK" Like, I knew that Al would pop out of there at some point, but I thought they were gonna milk the reveal to like half way in, yknow, the whole "oh hey this person is returning/debuting into the season" thing. But the first ep? Really? Anyway, Senor perfect is not so perfect because his legs are asleep, but his Latin powers still somehow win the challenge for his team. And thus, the first elimination of the season.

The elimination ceremony, while the normal bonfire, does add some new things. The peanut gallery is a great plus. Haven't you ever thought of how the winning team know what happens at an elimination? Like do they just wait up until it's over and see who's not with the losers when they come back? Do they wait till next morning? Now they get to have a front row seat to see which loser they got rid of. The new "Exile Island" use of Boney Island in order to find the Immunity idol is also amazing. Hopefully this will create actual suspense for who finds it since last time we all new Scott would find it. The photographs are meh, it's better than ambiguously having them just say who they vote off in the confessional. Lindsay once again doesn't know how voting works, I guess they should have just kept it as "say their name" for her sake. And Lindsay is eliminated. So shocking. Yeah everyone freaking knew she'd leave first way before the premiere. As much as I love Lindsay, her and Sam are the weakest of the All-Stars. It's sad. :c Speaking of sad, the Flush of Shame. Just. -_- Could they seriously not just use the Boat of Losers again? I get that they wanna do different things each time, but a giant TOILET? That's ridiculous even for this show.

So yeah, in the end, it was good. Not the strongest Season Premiere, but it introduced everyone, told us how they got here with everyone saying that actually got to CHOOSE to come back for once, and the new interactions were great. There were some problems though. Cameron and Sam were none existent. They are STILL making Gwen the bad guy in the love triangle and it looks like that the Triangle is still going to be one of the main focuses of drama of the season. With Gwen trying to redeem herself for something she shouldn't even be the only one at fault for, Courtney constantly being pissed at her, and the writers constantly crapping on Gwen, I don't see this turning out well. Al's new voice was decent and sounds like Marco if not just a little more high pitched. I still think the season is heading in a good direction so I can't wait to see what happens next. And now, time for rewards.



Sierra and Scott have started to redeem themselves for their TD pasts. Sierra is acting more accurately to her Fangirl Trope by instead of just gushing on a particular person and knowing things about people she should know, she's actually just excited about her surrounding, taking in the experience, and best of all, BLOGGING! The plotline of her being a blogger that got dropped early into TDWT finally came back and it's amazing. I can imagine her on Tumblr just liveblogging her experience. I kinda wished to see her spazzing about being on the island that started it all but whatever. As for Scott, unlike last season where I completely despised him, he was actually funny and likable this time. He's alot better when played for laughs instead of played as an Antagonist. He's not being a complete idiot or jerk so I can thoroughly enjoy his comdeic scenes and not just like it cause he's getting his butt handed to him by a shark like he deserves! Um, anyway.


I love Gwen, but the girl is being to hard on herself. Not only did she say Duncan and Courtney weren't dating at the time which is HIGHLY inaccurate, she is acting like a sniveling dog trying to redeem herself. That';s the problem she doesn't NEED to redeem herself. Duncan kissed her and yeah she may have liked it and obviously kissed him back, she felt TERRIBLE about it. Duncan on the other hand didn't seem to give a SINGLE. CRAP! That he cheated on her. So instead of the actual bad guy in the scenario, Gwen gets all the blame dumped on her, is labeled a Villain over COURTNEY, an ACTUAL SEASON ANTAGONIST, and now feels she needs to apologize and make up for something that she is not completely at fault for. Ugh, I mean, I like that they are trying to go on a different route with the triangle. Instead of showing Courtney going aggro about it and having a mental breakdown, they're showing the other half of the triangle, the people that caused the heartbreak in the first place. What I don't like, is that they are demonizing Gwen for it. They are paying absolutely no attention to Duncan and are kicking Gwen to the ground. She's one of my favorite characters and she deserves so much more than this. As for Jo, eh, she wasn't terrible but she wasn't as charming as she usually is. i'd have put Sam and Cam but they were non-existent that I didn't even bother. They didn't even deserve a Kunai, they deserve a Senbon Needle to the neck.



Despite being blatantly obvious of happening, I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. And everyone, especially Heather's, reaction was gold. Lindsay calling Alejandro Jalapeno was a plus and him not being able to move his legs was great. I wonder how he'll do this season considering all he did last time was seduce women with his Grande sized Latin Churro. So can't wait to see more of him.


Just...ugh. I can understand why they would shorten it, but I still hate that they did. I'll miss hearing the full theme song every episode and it would have been so fun to see the old and new cast doing fun antics around the island. Heather and Jo fighting in that canoe over the waterfall anyone? ^^ But I'll just have to live with it. It's 20 seconds of crap that does I guess still have some fun stuff happen. I do like that the cameras at the beginning are actually brand new. And Sierra Blogging about Mike and Zoey is adorable. I here shipping bells.

So that's the episode, over I'll give it a 7/10 I guess. Good but not amazing, had problems but not terrible. I knowthis is really late since the second eps already come out, but I'll be trying to make another one before episode 3. Till then, I'm TotalDramaNaruto and [enter unneeded but obligatory Naruto reference no one here will get here].

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