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  • TotalDramaNaruto
    Greetings Campers! Its the Gewn Goon himself coming at you live with a special announcement!

    After the success of and its sassy sequel . The admin team has decided the fun shouldnt stop there! So join us this summer as the drama intensifies on:

    Set back in the decrepit island of Camp Wawanakwa, 13 Original Campers will compete in humiliating, back breaking, mentally scarring challenges. All for the chance at ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS.

    So get ready to join your Hostess who Boasts the Mostest, for a summer of pain and torture fun and excitement!

    Well unlike past RPs casting this time will be a little different. If you havent noticed already, for the past few weeks the producers; Me, , and everyones FAVORITE have been recruiting users anf past playe…

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  • TotalDramaNaruto

    Hello and welcome all of you! I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for the sign-ups for the new and improved Extreme Expedition. Well the wait. Is. Over! This is the official announcement for the sign up sheet of EE! But I also wanted to give a quick intro to the new teams that will be joining the canon cast. And they are:

    Katie and Sadie are the greatest BFFFLs (that's Best Female Friends For Life) in the entire universe! They have literally done everything together and have a unique style that makes them totally "twinises". They've tried reality TV before, (Total...something or other?) but that didn't quite work out for them. Since then they are ready to get back into the spotlight, and hopefully be there a little longer.


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  • TotalDramaNaruto

    Hello everyone. As you all know. There was a very failed attempt to make a Ridonculous Race RP this past month. This was due to disorganization, absences, and not alot of commitment. But we now have a set team, better ideas, and a lot more professionalism, and we hope to make this RP a great one that everyone will enjoy. Our main team currently consists of: Myself (TotalDramaNaruto), Blake, Milkshake, and one of our lovely admins N3. Now in order to make this RP actually WORK, we need to have a set of rules and regulations in order for everyone to be on the same page.

    While edits and wiki activity may not be important in this kind of activity, we'd prefer you have some experience on this wiki. Nevertheless, if you are new or haven't been a member…

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  • TotalDramaNaruto

    Fresh's take on Mike

    February 13, 2014 by TotalDramaNaruto

    Ok so Fresh TV has don fricked up. If you havent heard by now, Fresh's facebook recently talked about mike. In a response to a fan's inevitable complaint about Mike's MPD, fresh responded....

    ...In the worst possible way POSSIBLE! Instead of admitting that what they did with Mike could easily offend hundreds and hundreds of people, they tried to excuse his portrayal as what basically sums up to "He's a cartoon, Mike's MPD is in a cartoon, so exaggerating how a mental disorder works is ok" Obviously, it is not. It's like saying showing a blatantly racist carton character is ok. Now, I'm not gonna tell you all to go to the page and fl…

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  • TotalDramaNaruto

    Ok. I need to play catch up here so instead of doing Evil Dread and Saving Private Leechball separately, I'm gonna do a quick review of them together then go straight into this week's episode.

    So basically, I really liked both of these episodes. The flow wasn't as awkward as it was in the first episode. With Evil Dread, the physical comedy was ok but got ridiculous, the reveal of Evil Mike scared the CRAP out of me! I mean, I know we all were speculating him after the half second of dark Mike in the background after he defeated the personalities, but I didn't think they would actually DO IT! Scott was great, Sam was pathetic, and the Triangle irks me. NINJA STARS to Heather and Jo for their conflict, Scott for becoming likable and kind of ad…

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