After rewatching Total Drama Allstars, I started to wonder what a new Allstars season could look like.  I think TDAS was decent, but had too many people that didn't deserve to do well, do well.  For example, Zoey had no reason to suddenly start winning EVERY challenge. It came out of no where and wasn't explained.  If a new season came out, I would hope that it would send more deserving people closer to the finale.

Who Should Defininitely Get a Spot?

I think all previous winners (excluding a few) should be in the roster.

  • Owen, Duncan, Alejandro,Heather, Gwen, Beth, Zoey, Shawn

Im excluding Mike so that Zoey can have a role that isn't just centered around Mike. Mike could have a reason for not returning, like having to go through therapy or rehab for his multiple personalities. (even though this was fixed at the end of TDAS) 

Im excluding Lightning because I don't really see him as a deserving winner and he went home pretty early in TDAS.  He could potentially replace Beth, who isn't very popular due to her boring role in the show and because she doesn't have a large fanbase.

Im excluding Sky because she is the blandest protagonist ever.  The only way she should be on is if she becomes more interesting.

Im excluding Cameron because he has had a major role in two seasons and is mostly centered around Mike. Could be too weak for another season.

Who Else Would be Included?

The rest of the contestants should be players that did really well, or would've done really well if they didn't go home for certain reasons, like sabotage or other reasons.

  • ​Scott

Scott made it past the merge, and into the final four in both of the seasons he was on.  His role of antagonist was heavily improved in TDAS and hopefully this would continue in another season.

  • B

​B was very smart.  He could've won the entire thing if he hadn't of been sabotaged by Scott.  I really liked him and I thought that he was unique.  I dont think he would last very long due to him being silent, but I still think he would make a great addition to the roster.

  • Jasmine

​Jasmine was a very strong competitor and made it to the Final 4. Her plot with Shawn could be continued.

  • Scarlett

​Scarlett was a lunatic.  I could see her coming back in her true form and getting voted off early due to her crazy behavior.  She also made it pretty far into TDPI.

  • Dawn

I liked Dawn. She was smart and likeable. She was voted off due to being sabotaged by Scott once again.  I could see her making it pretty far into the game, as well as having feeling for Shawn, since he is a nature lover and a survivalist. I dont think Shawn will return these feelings, and this could cause the downfall for her. It would also be alright for her not to be romantically involved with anyone, as I think she can be a very interesting character either way.

Other Possibilities

  • Leshawna

Made it to the merge in 2/3 seasons and seems pretty likable.

  • Max

Made it very far into his only season and could have a plot with Scarlett.

  • Courney

Made it into 3 merges, even though she was eliminated and came back to the show for one of the merges. Continue the plot with Duncan and Scott. Her and Gwen are friends still.


Zoey - Could go home early or make it very far.  She could go Commando Zoey since Mike couldn't return and make it far into the game, or she could be depressed that Mike isn't there and not be motivated to do well and get sent home quickly.

Scott and Courtney - Their plot would continue and they would both make it past merge, but neither will win.

Dawn - Falls in love with Shawn, who doesn't return the feelings, since he is in love with Jasmine.

Alejandro and Heather - Obviously

This was my first blog and I probably made many mistake xD.  Feel free to point out any mistakes I made and I will fix them, as well as leaving your opinions on who you think should return for another All Stars season.

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