• TotalDramaMemes

    After rewatching Total Drama Allstars, I started to wonder what a new Allstars season could look like.  I think TDAS was decent, but had too many people that didn't deserve to do well, do well.  For example, Zoey had no reason to suddenly start winning EVERY challenge. It came out of no where and wasn't explained.  If a new season came out, I would hope that it would send more deserving people closer to the finale.

    Who Should Defininitely Get a Spot?

    I think all previous winners (excluding a few) should be in the roster.

    • Owen, Duncan, Alejandro,Heather, Gwen, Beth, Zoey, Shawn

    Im excluding Mike so that Zoey can have a role that isn't just centered around Mike. Mike could have a reason for not returning, like having to go through therapy or reh…

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