So there's a lot of speculation as to who will compete in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Here's who I think should return (one pair from each generation plus some other honorable mentions).

Noah and Owen


Reasons Why They Should Return

  • Noah deserves more screen time after his plot was scarped so Duncan could return in World Tour.
  • Owen was kind of left out in the last two seasons, and while I feel he doesn't have much storyline left, I think him and Noah's friendship could use expansion.

How Far Would They Go?

I say if they were a team, then they would probably make it six or seven episodes, only because Owen's weight and distraction by food would slow them down.

Anne Maria and Staci


Reasons Why They Should Return

  • Anne Maria needs time to develop without Vito; she was supposed to return in All-Stars, so they likely already have a plot planned for her.
  • Staci needs more screen time and maybe realize that nobody believes the lies she says. Maybe have Anne Maria yell at her and she finally realizes why people get irritated with her and they become friends.

How Far Would They Go?

Probably only like three or four episodes, enough to develop both, but not much storyline for them.

Rodney and Topher


Reasons Why They Should Return

  • Rodney needs a plot outside of falling in love with every female
  • Topher needs a plot outside of Chris

How Far Would They Go

Probably pretty far, like thirteen or fourteen episodes. With Tophers ability to form a plan (cause he did have a plan in TDPI) and Rodney's strength, they could make a good team.

Other Teams I Wouldn't Mind Seeing

  • Mike and Duncan: I know I know, bring on the hate, but I personally don't dislike Mike.
  • Dakotazoid and Dawn: I think they could likely manage to get along and possibly do okay
  • Scarlett and Max: I think they need redemption from TDPI
  • Dave and Sky: I don't want Skave to happen but I don't feel like their storyline is complete.
  • Izzy and Eva: I like their friendship and would like to see it develope
  • DJ and Mama: I just think this would be a cute team XD

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