Total Drama: No-Stars, originally titled Total Drama: Back in Action, is the sixth season of the Total Drama series.


Eighteen rejects from Total Drama return for one last shot at the million dollars. They all missed their time to shine, and now they're back in the spotlight for another million.
Watch Amy, Anne Maria, B, Beardo, Blaineley, Brick, Dakota, Dawn, Ella, Eva, Geoff, Izzy, Katie, Leonard, Rodney, Sadie, Samey, and Staci as they fight in all new challenges as they return to the Abandoned film lot for all new challenges as they face their chance to rise to stardom.


Total Drama: No-Stars features 26 episodes. They are:

  • Back in Action
  • You Don't Get to Pick the Genre
  • Saturday the 13th
  • Guy-in-a-Coma Movie
  • Who Done It?
  • TDNS Aftermath I
  • Take a Bow
  • The Beardo Club
  • Saving Private Brick
  • Leonard Potter
  • Frighting Friday
  • TDNS Aftermath II
  • Un-natural Activity
  • Freezing
  • Total Drama: The Musical
  • Live Free, Die Quick
  • Set Sail
  • TDNS Aftermath III
  • The Beginning of the End
  • Super Samey
  • WWTD: World War Total Drama
  • The Ghost Town
  • The Film Lot
  • TDNS Aftermath IV
  • The Final Battle - Part One
  • The Final Battle - Part Two


Similar to Total Drama Action, Gilded Chris Awards were given as the symbol of immunity. If you did not receive one, you had to take the Flight of Shame, which was an ejection feature in the seat you were sitting in.

Contestant Team Status Placing Team Status
Geoff Killer Comedy 1st Voted Out
in You Don't Get to Pick the Genre
18th Non-Merged
Amy Screaming Horror 2nd Voted Out
in Saturday the 13th
Staci Screaming Horror 3rd Voted Out
in Guy-in-a-Coma Movie
Rodney Killer Comedy 4th Voted Out
in Take a Bow
Leonard Killer Comedy 5th Voted Out
in Leonard Potter
Sadie Killer Comedy 6th Voted Out
in Frightning Friday
Brick Screaming Horror 7th Quit
in Un-Natural Activity
Dakota Screaming Horror 8th Voted Out
in Freezing
Ella Killer Comedy 9th Voted Out
in Total Drama: The Musical
Eva Screaming Horror 10th Voted Out
in Live Free, Die Quick
9th Merged
Katie Killer Comedy 11th Voted Out
in Set Sail
Izzy Screaming Horror 12th Voted Out
in The Beginning of the End
Blaineley Screaming Horror 13th Voted Out
in Super Samey
Beardo Killer Comedy 14th Voted Out
in WWTD: World War Total Drama
Dawn Screaming Horror 15th Voted Out
in The Ghost Town
B Killer Comedy 16th Voted Out
in The Film Lot
Anne Maria Screaming Horror Winner in The Final Battle - Part Two
Runner-Up in Samey's ending
Samey Killer Comedy Winner in The Final Battle - Part Two
Runner-Up in Anne Maria's ending


Eighteen contestants, plus the hosts, Chris and Chef. Every character appeared in the finale.

Voice Actor Role Episode Count
Christian Potenza Chris 26/26
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet 26/26
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria 26/26
None B 26/26
Bryn McAuley Samey 26/26
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn 25/26
Clé Bennett Beardo 24/26
Carla Collins Blaineley 23/26
Katie Crown Izzy 22/26
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie 21/26
Julia Chantrey Eva 20/26
Sunday Muse Ella 19/26
Carleigh Beverly Dakota 18/26
Jon Cor Brick 17/26
Lauren Lipson Sadie 16/26
Clé Bennett Leonard 16/26
Ian Ronningen Rodney 13/26
Ashley Peters Staci 11/26
Bryn McAuley Amy 9/26
Dan Petronijevic Geoff 8/26