Okay, so there have been a lot of rumors floating around about who will and wont be returning for TDPRR. So I've decided to make a blog to clarify who has and doesn't have the current chance at returning.

Not Returning

The Pahkitew Island Cast

The Pahkitew Island cast was confirmed not to return due to the fact that The Ridonculous Race started production before Pahkitew Island finished production.

The Ballooned Contestants

The ballooned contestants were confirmed by Jule Giles to have no storyline planned yet.

By Voice Actor/Actress

Below are the characters confirmed not to return by their voice actor/actress.

Forgotten Character

The following character was forgotten by Fresh TV.

Confirmed by Jule Giles

Still Possible to Return

Anything saying these characters are out is rumors, and not proven true. Characters in bold are more likely to return.

Confirmed Characters

Below are the characters that are confirmed to compete in The Ridonculous Race.

  • Carrie (TDPRR)
  • Devin (TDPRR)
  • Ryan (TDPRR)
  • Stephanie (TDPRR)

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