The title says it all. I feel like it's a bad thing to have liked every season (yes, including All-Stars) and so I'm going to make a blog showing that all the seasons have both good and bad points in them.

Total Drama Island

When Total Drama Island premiered, I fell instantly in love with it. Me and my friends used to talk about it all the time, and we would talk about who we thought was going to win, and everybody had a favorite. When Owen won (I live in the US), I was really disappointed to think it was over, but then they announced the special and I couldn't wait, and the second season two was announced, I began a countdown for it.

  • Highlight of the Season: The interactions and dialogue flowed really well
  • Low Point of the Season: Some of the character eliminations were bad (example: LeShawna) and some characters (mostly Ezekiel, Noah, Justin, and Eva) were easily forgettable.

Total Drama Action

Total Drama Action got off to a strong start for me. I felt like it did a great job of picking up where the special left off, and it didn't feel forced... for the first half. After Courtney's return, I felt like some of the characters started to fade, and then just got eliminated cause they weren't useful anymore (Justin).

  • Highlight: Great character development in characters like Lindsay, Beth, Justin, and Heather
  • Low Point: Some bad character development (Trent), Courtney's return started to undo some of the character development and made the show not flow as good

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama World Tour starts and everything's going good... and now it's a musical... Which can be good or bad. Some people, like myself, like musical, but others don't, which is why doing a musical season is risky. Some of the songs in it felt forced (Come Fly With Us comes to mind) but others were really good (This is How We Will End It, Before We Die, and I'm Winning This being my top three). For me, I liked the musical numbers, but others didn't. This season also brought on a few new players, Alejandro, Sierra, and Blaineley. Alejandro was possibly the best antagonist in the history of the show. He's pure evil, and his use of puppets in the song This Is How We Will End It still creeps me out (I mean think about it, we've all pretty much know that one person who thinks of themselves as the puppet master and controls us). Sierra was okay, she got annoying at times, but I could deal with her. Blaineley I felt was a good character, but she definitely needed more time to develop. The last thing I'm going to mention is the love triangle. It did not come out of nowhere, Gwen's feelings for Duncan and vice versa were very clear in Action and I feel like Courtney's constant mistreatment of Duncan is what pushed him to finally cheat (not saying that cheating was the right thing to do)

  • Highlight: The music (for some people), the plot lines, the worldwide setting
  • Low Point: Blaineley's wasted potential, the music (for some people)

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is where I feel the show started to lose the fanbase. This season is considered one of the worst (after All-Stars) seasons in the show. One of the biggest things that is complained about is Dakota turning into Dakotazoid. At first I was angry, but then I realized how needed it was. Dakota went from the most stuck up character on the show to one of the most loving, accepting, and caring characters. She went from seeing Sam as a doughy klutz to seeing him as the one who she really needed the whole time. Her personality shift was orchestrated perfect. Now onto Mike. The biggest complaint I see about him is the fact that he has Multiple Personality Disorder (even though thats not the name of it anymore, it was changed to Dissociative Identity Disorder), which I don't see the problem with. It's a real disorder and I feel like they played it in a good light, taking the storyline serious in the fact that he didn't want people to know and he struggled daily to try to hide it from people, and in the end he fought his personalities because anyone can be pushed past their breaking point. Lastly Zoey didn't rely on Mike, I mean come on, Commando Zoey.

  • Highlight: The interactions felt good again (I love Cameron, Mike, and Zoey as a group), Dakota's development
  • Low Point: The toxic waste plotline was unnecessary and Chris was just in it for the sake of hurting them now

Total Drama: All-Stars

Total Drama: All-Stars is probably the most hated season, but I fail to see the issues with it. Some people make good points, but others don't, so this will be a long season to get into. First, people say the characters were dumbed down. Keep in mind, a year has passed since World Tour and Revenge of the Island and two years have passed since Island and Action, and the only character really dumbed down is Lindsay, and without being in the contest I really can't picture her brain got much exercise between seasons. Also maybe Lighting, but he still wasn't that bad, and the change was harly noticeable. The next one is Gwen, the biggest complaint is that she changed moods a lot. Again, keep in mind, this is two years later, and a lot can happen in two years, and it has. She almost: got eaten by sharks, died in Hawaii, got killed in the Amazon, and she's lost out on a million bucks three times already. So keeping in mind there's a time gap who knows why she changed her personality, but it really wasn't that different to me. She started to get mad at Duncan cause she wouldn't help with Courtney, and then when he asked about Courtney, she broke up with him. Well it was kind of obvious that he still had feelings for her. Next up was Mal and the reset button. Yes, kind of a terrible end for Mike's personalities (and I could see how it would be offensive), but if you think about it, it's being used in a symbolic way, and wasn't meant to be offensive. It's basically saying that you have the strength inside yourself to overcome everything, and it might take a lot of hard work and searching, but eventually you'll find what you need to move on from what's holding you back. That's what I took away from Mal and the button. Last I'm going to say is Alejandro. I think that he was fine this season too. His voice threw me off, but they needed a new voice actor, what are you going to do. But he said it himself, he's been inside the robot suit for a year. That's a long time to think about what you've done and how you've acted. So when he saw Mal, he didn't just see Mal, he saw his chance to fix what he had done to the cast two seasons ago.

  • Highlight: Interactions between first/second gen casts (love Scourtney) and the overall season
  • Low Point: Some continuity errors (not as many as people say though) and some bad casting (Anne Maria should have stayed and Sam shouldn't have returned)

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island is probably what brought hope back to fans. A lot of fans saw it as the closest to the original season, and I've seen it listed as quite a few people's favorites. The only issue I have with this season is sometimes the plot got unrealistic (Example: Amy the Swamp Monster, what'd she just walk under the whole lake to get back?) but overall I thought it was a very good season, as does most of the fans.

  • Highlight: New cast has good interactions, everyone got a plot (even fodders)
  • Low Point: Some of the characters felt forced (like Rodney) and unrealistic events at times

So that's my rant. I know that I'm gonna get a lot of negative feedback on this but I don't care. I feel that us fans that both liked All-Stars and were there from the beginning need to be able to speak freely on the wiki like we once were able to do. If you read all of that, thank you for reading the time to read my rant XD

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