Well, I keep seeing blogs on the topic, so I decided to do my hopes for future seasons. There's not really a lot I want for a new season.

Mike and Zoey

I want a season where Mike and Zoey come back and Zoey is really cautious around Mike. She doesn't trust him like she did before, and she often brings up Mal, thinking that he could return. Mike continuously assures her it's him, and she doesn't believe him because of the number of times Mal said that he was Mike. I feel like this storyline would be good and would be able to bring some redemption to the Mal storyline and maybe they could make Mike more liked by the fandom if they brought him back.

Crossover with The Ridonculous Race

Maybe have the second season of the Ridonculous Race running at the same time as Total Drama and make an episode of the Ridonculous Race where they race through where the new season is taking place. Chris, seeing this as opportunity, comes up with a challenge that involves the race. It would be a two-part episode, with Part One being a Total Drama episode and Part Two being a Ridonculous Race episode.


Do a season with a large cast (around the size of the original cast) and bring back maybe five or six contestants, similar to how survivor actually is set up. So that would be about 16 newbies and 6 returnees.

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