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    Well, I keep seeing blogs on the topic, so I decided to do my hopes for future seasons. There's not really a lot I want for a new season.

    I want a season where Mike and Zoey come back and Zoey is really cautious around Mike. She doesn't trust him like she did before, and she often brings up Mal, thinking that he could return. Mike continuously assures her it's him, and she doesn't believe him because of the number of times Mal said that he was Mike. I feel like this storyline would be good and would be able to bring some redemption to the Mal storyline and maybe they could make Mike more liked by the fandom if they brought him back.

    Maybe have the second season of the Ridonculous Race running at the same time as Total Drama and make an episode…

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    The title says it all. I feel like it's a bad thing to have liked every season (yes, including All-Stars) and so I'm going to make a blog showing that all the seasons have both good and bad points in them.

    When Total Drama Island premiered, I fell instantly in love with it. Me and my friends used to talk about it all the time, and we would talk about who we thought was going to win, and everybody had a favorite. When Owen won (I live in the US), I was really disappointed to think it was over, but then they announced the special and I couldn't wait, and the second season two was announced, I began a countdown for it.

    • Highlight of the Season: The interactions and dialogue flowed really well
    • Low Point of the Season: Some of the character eliminations w…

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    Okay, so there have been a lot of rumors floating around about who will and wont be returning for TDPRR. So I've decided to make a blog to clarify who has and doesn't have the current chance at returning.

    The Pahkitew Island cast was confirmed not to return due to the fact that The Ridonculous Race started production before Pahkitew Island finished production.

    • Amy (TDPI)
    • Beardo (TDPI)
    • David "Dave" (TDPI)
    • Ella (TDPI)
    • Jasmine (TDPI)
    • Leonard (TDPI)
    • Max (TDPI)
    • Rodney (TDPI)
    • Sammy "Samey" (TDPI)
    • Scarlett (TDPI)
    • Shawn (TDPI)
    • Sky (TDPI)
    • Sugar (TDPI)
    • Topher (TDPI)

    The ballooned contestants were confirmed by Jule Giles to have no storyline planned yet.

    • Courtney (TDI/TDA/TDWT/TDAS)
    • Duncan (TDI/TDA/TDWT/TDAS)
    • Jo (TDRI/TDAS)
    • Lindsay (TDI/TDA/TDWT/TDAS)
    • Rudolph "Lightning" Jackson …

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    So there's a lot of speculation as to who will compete in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Here's who I think should return (one pair from each generation plus some other honorable mentions).

    • Noah deserves more screen time after his plot was scarped so Duncan could return in World Tour.
    • Owen was kind of left out in the last two seasons, and while I feel he doesn't have much storyline left, I think him and Noah's friendship could use expansion.

    I say if they were a team, then they would probably make it six or seven episodes, only because Owen's weight and distraction by food would slow them down.

    • Anne Maria needs time to develop without Vito; she was supposed to return in All-Stars, so they likely already have a plot planned for her…

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    My Season Six

    August 9, 2014 by TotalDramaFan82498

    Total Drama: No-Stars, originally titled Total Drama: Back in Action, is the sixth season of the Total Drama series.

    Eighteen rejects from Total Drama return for one last shot at the million dollars. They all missed their time to shine, and now they're back in the spotlight for another million.
    Watch Amy, Anne Maria, B, Beardo, Blaineley, Brick, Dakota, Dawn, Ella, Eva, Geoff, Izzy, Katie, Leonard, Rodney, Sadie, Samey, and Staci as they fight in all new challenges as they return to the Abandoned film lot for all new challenges as they face their chance to rise to stardom.

    Total Drama: No-Stars features 26 episodes. They are:

    • Back in Action
    • You Don't Get to Pick the Genre
    • Saturday the 13th
    • Guy-in-a-Coma Movie
    • Who Done It?
    • TDNS Aftermath I
    • Take a Bow
    • Th…

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