Hey, guys :D . I posted last month a partial prediction where I explained most of my choices.

This time I filled all the spots. It's just the way I see it - 9 from first season ; 4 from revenge and 5 from pahkitew. So there are 9 guys & 9 girls. They will be all be 19 yrs this season ( since Geoff, Noah and Owen were confirmed to be 19 in RR , and the new season will probably take place exactly after RR since Chris was seen in the last episode of RR hiding behind that newspaper XD ). Personally, I think that Heather, Alejandro, Gwen, Trent, Noah, Izzy and Owen will be returning in the next season ( season 7 ), to have characters from season 1 constantly. Probably season 8 will again introduce a brand new cast and then seasons 9 & 10 will focus again on mixed casts from all the generations.

I am optimistic that this new season will have 26 episodes.

So, what do you think of this cast? 18 contestants ? Would you watch a season with this cast ?

Also, 2 or 3 teams ? Same thing like in TDWT with the 3rd team being wiped out early? Or the classic TDI & TDA 2 teams ? 9 vs. 9 would be something intermediary between 11 members from TDI and 6 team members in TDA.

Heard a rumor that there won't be any aftermath this season and someone from Fresh said that the intro will be short ( don't worry, this doesn't necessarily mean that the season will be short ).

Also, 2-3 more characters can return/debut during the competition and there can be like 3 episodes with elimination then 1 with non-elimination and again the same thing repeated till the finale of the season.

Total drama season 6 2018 2019 cast prediction final

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