Hi , guys :D . I'm Alex, I started watching the show back in 2008 and the wiki since 2009. Saw many discussions here during all these years. Joined the wiki only today XD.

Based on the May announcement ( with ``some`` TDI favorites returning ; so this means the rest of the cast might be mixed from 2nd and 3rd generation or even some new characters or both XD ) , I'll start my cast prediction for season 6 .

It must be a 26 episode season !! XD

I originally see 18 contestants competing ( 9 TDI favorites, at least 3 from Revenge and 6 to be determined ) , and probably 2 debuting/returning during the competition. 

Total drama season 6 2018 2019 cast prediction

I) 99% sure :

- Bridgette and Harold : haven't seen them since 2011/2012 ; their actors also voice for other characters during the series ; but I personally don't see Carrie from The Ridonculous Race or Sam from Revenge and All-Stars returning. I can see Bridgette competing without Geoff, since he managed it well in the spin-off and even won in a version with his partner Brody. However, Harold might need Leshawna and we have to see how their relationship will evolve.

II) Very Likely :

- Duncan, Courtney and Scott : I can see a triangle between these 3 ; their story is far from over ; they were also 3 of the 8 contestants to be in those balloons from TDAS ep 13 who ended up flying away towards the sun (don't worry, they all survived XD) , so they weren't seen in the finale, (which btw was the most horrible one- sinking of Camp Wawanakwa) . 

- Lindsay : if Courtney and Duncan can get to compete for the 5th time, why wouldn't Lindsay also get this chance ? After all , she competed only in the first episode of TDAS and was the first to get the boot for ``her terrible driving skills``, but just rewatch TDI ep 13 (winning the mud skiing challenge for her team) and TDA ep 7 ( where she pulled a 3 people cart) too see how athletic Lindsay actually is. Yes, maybe it was tiring for her to push Sierra & Courtney at the same time without knowing it XD and the distance was longer, still ... Lindsay was derailed in TDAS . And I don't buy her sudden motivation loss. I really really hope she comes back and at the very least does better than TDWT and TDAS. She deserves better.

- Tyler & Leshawna : they are Lindsay's and Harold's halves and they also need more airtime. Leshawna didn't have much of a story in TDWT except beating Heather badly and being manipulated by Alejandro which ended in her early elimination. Tyler had a decent amount in TDWT, but a small one in TDI. Many possibilities for those 2.

- DJ : quit in TDA , animal curse in TDWT ... he needs to come back !

- Dawn and Brick : they really deserve more screen time . also, Dawn and Scott's conflict might not be over ;) .

- Eva : she's a strong player ; her temper costed her in TDI 2 times ; she was a guest at the TDA aftermaths and also on TDWT aftermaths , since she didn't qualify ; From all the minor characters on the series, Eva is the one with the most potential. So , yes ! Bring her back.

III) 6 x ``?`` : 

There can be other characters from the first/second/third generation or even some new ones

It's hard for me to include in there some of the 6 characters who were seen in the TDAS finale ( Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Gwen, Heather and Alejandro), since : 

1) When Mike proposed they should do this another time , Cameron , Zoey and Gwen said ,,NO!!,, .                        Also, I don't see any storyline left for Cameron, Zoey and Mike , each of them making it to a final at least once.

2) For the moment, I can't see how Heather and Alejandro's relationship will evolve , since each one caused the other's downfall in TDWT and TDAS. At least they are even now XD. 

As much as I would love to see Heather, Alejandro and Gwen return , they might return in the 7th season ... I also hardly see Trent competing without Gwen ... Maybe they could get back together in the future season 7 or so.

Katie and Sadie ... they have the chance to return because they didn't compete since TDI (like Eva) , but I personally still don't see a storyline for them. 

What's your opinion on the cast ? How would you ideal cast for season 6 look ? Also, do you see the writers adding some new characters ? New ``stereotypes`` that weren't portrayed on TD?

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