• TotalDramaFan2017

    Hey, guys :D . I posted last month a partial prediction where I explained most of my choices.

    This time I filled all the spots. It's just the way I see it - 9 from first season ; 4 from revenge and 5 from pahkitew. So there are 9 guys & 9 girls. They will be all be 19 yrs this season ( since Geoff, Noah and Owen were confirmed to be 19 in RR , and the new season will probably take place exactly after RR since Chris was seen in the last episode of RR hiding behind that newspaper XD ). Personally, I think that Heather, Alejandro, Gwen, Trent, Noah, Izzy and Owen will be returning in the next season ( season 7 ), to have characters from season 1 constantly. Probably season 8 will again introduce a brand new cast and then seasons 9 & 10 will fo…

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  • TotalDramaFan2017

    Hi , guys :D . I'm Alex, I started watching the show back in 2008 and the wiki since 2009. Saw many discussions here during all these years. Joined the wiki only today XD.

    Based on the May announcement ( with ``some`` TDI favorites returning ; so this means the rest of the cast might be mixed from 2nd and 3rd generation or even some new characters or both XD ) , I'll start my cast prediction for season 6 .

    It must be a 26 episode season !! XD

    I originally see 18 contestants competing ( 9 TDI favorites, at least 3 from Revenge and 6 to be determined ) , and probably 2 debuting/returning during the competition. 

    I) 99% sure :

    - Bridgette and Harold : haven't seen them since 2011/2012 ; their actors also voice for other characters during the series ;…

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